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The Foreclosure “Crisis” in Florida, a 7,000 Waterfront Mansion…Abandoned By The Banks…Since 2009!


The picture above offers a stunning visual on the foreclosure “crisis” as it plays out in Florida.  Taxpayer dollars are being blown into a circuit court system that rewards banks that apparently couldn’t care less about the multi-million dollar property that they could foreclosure on…if they cared to.

The bank filed a foreclosure in 2009.  The homeowner didn’t even bother to respond. He was defaulted.  Fast forward to 2012….the bank forgets about their case and it’s dismissed.

Today 2013? No case.  Just an abandoned and rotting multi-million dollar home.  The windows are fogged with humidity inside.

And after a few months it will cost hundreds of thousands to repair.


Keep this photo in mind.  This photo represents exactly what is wrong in this country….well, just one of the things.  Don’t blame our courts. Don’t blame judges or foreclosure defense attorneys.  And certainly don’t blame people who are in foreclosure.

I do want people to take a hard look at homes like this and wonder why we are not examining what is occurring here.

Florida’s courts work. Florida’s judges do their job.  Focus on the banks and what they are doing to all of us and the economy.



  • Anonymous says:

    I have to disagree as a foreclosure defense attorney in Florida, although I will remain nameless.

    “Don’t blame the foreclosure defense lawyers?” I do blame them. Let’s be real, part (not nearly all) of the problem is the defense lawyers.

    ROUTINELY firms file motions for extension of time immedaitely upon getting the complaint; nt necessarily because time is needed to respond, but because it serves as a delay tactic until Plainitff sets it for hearing. Then a motion to dismiss, whether there is merit or not; if not then an agreed order is done at hearing. Then finally the complaint is answered; sometimes 6-12 months into the case now.

    Then discovery is done. Not just one set but 2-3 sets. Now, with the 30 day windows to respond, and the bank needing more time sometimes, another 6-12 months has past.

    The defense lawyers certainly cause undo delay; whether it is to bill periodically where the longer the case is open the more the client pays, or merely at the client’s direction to drag it out so they don’t have to pay a mortgage at all.

    It is a very small percent of the problem, but it is part of the problem. You may not practice these methods but a cast majority of the defense lawyers out there do that I have ever seen, causing the cases to drag and these properties to sit abandoned and fall apart.

  • Carol says:

    Get rid of the banking system AKA, Federal reserve, (irs goes with that, the thugs for the federal reserve) and go back to the gold standard.
    I believe Ron Paul wanted to do this way before this global mess started.

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