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The Florida House Is Refusing To Take Up Important Right To Speak Legislation!



 Whereas, SB 206, which guarantees the public a reasonable opportunity to be heard at public meetings, sailed through all of its committees of reference and the full Senate nary a negative vote, and

Whereas, its companion, HB 355 passed through all of its committees of reference with only 3 negative votes,

NOW, THEREFORE, let it be known that the Florida HOUSE REFUSES TO ACT on this very important pro-public access legislation.

 That’s right: The Florida House of Representatives is refusing to take up SB 206.


 Even though HB 355 was approved by no less than THREE committees of references and garnered 30 VOTES IN FAVOR of guaranteeing the public a reasonable opportunity to speak and only 3 no votes, the House leadership failed to refer HB 355 to the House calendar.

 All is not lost, however.

Because HB 355 was approved by all committees of reference, House rules allow them to take up and pass the Senate companion, SB 206.

 So why haven’t they done so?   We’re told that although the League of Cities withdrew its opposition to the bill, ” some” cities are still opposed.   WHY???   As more than one Senator said during debate on the Senate bill, ” What are they afraid of?”

 If you support this very good bill, please let Speaker Cannon and Rep. Jimmy Patronis, chair of the H. Government Operations Subcommittee, know you want to see the House

TAKE UP and PASS SB 206!!!!

 Speaker Dean Cannon                                                                                                                                    

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Rep. Jimmy Patronis


As usual, if you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Barbara Petersen at 800/337-3518 or

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