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The Darkest Corner of The Fraudclosure Scandal

It has been more than one year and still no one. no one. no one. has dared to turn this rock over and consider what it means.   I’ve just sat on my hands with this one.   I’ve been waiting, hoping, praying that someone would dig into this.   Some bright and ambitious reporter.   Some elected leader with some sense of perspective.   Anyone.   But no.   Here we are more than a year and not a single drop of ink.   Not a single pixel on a blog or online story anywhere.

stern-foreclosuresI’ve done the best I can do, for now……

“We were incorporated in the British Virgin Islands on February 19, 2008 under the name ” Chardan 2008 China Acquisition Corp.” as a blank check company for the purpose of acquiring, engaging in a merger or share exchange with, purchasing all or substantially all of the assets of, or engaging in a contractual control arrangement or any other similar transaction with an unidentified operating business which has its principal business and/or material operations in China. When the global financial crisis occurred soon after the completion of Chardan 2008’s initial public offering in August 2008, Chardan 2008’s management believed that US equity markets would be less receptive to a transaction with a Chinese company. “