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By the time the sun sets today, I will have won three cases for homeowners in foreclosure.  Two DEFENSE Summary Judgment motions for foreclosure in Tampa area and a foreclosure trial.  This state’s dedicated foreclosure defense lawyers are quietly racking up dismissal after dismissal…outright and unqualified victories for homeowners by using the Rules of Civil Procedure to SERVE homeowners.

There are a small handful of issues that can lead to this result and each judge views those issues differently. Quite frankly one of the critical steps in achieving these real outcomes is knowing what issues to bring before which court. But the bottom line is simple.

Winning Foreclosures is not just for the banks, it’s for homeowners, who know how to bring the fight right back at the banks.

Stay tuned for more info. I’ll be holding online workshops and posting memos and motions. Subscribe to this page and check back often.

Share the word. Let’s fight together.

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  • Deby says:

    Hey Matt: How do we subscribe – sign up on this page so we can be notified of workshops, memos, etc.? Thanks, Deby

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