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  • chitown2020 says:

    I love your patriotism and your passion Matt. You are one of my heroes. It is true that it is the same handful of patriots who are screaming out the truth about the robbery of our country. Our National Sovereignty is being stolen by the Federal Government Vatican/Rothschild/World Bank who lent no money just credit that has now been rendered worthless because of the crimes of their perps. I discovered early in my investigation that when the loans went public they were dumped in a global pool of toxic waste. Mine said HSBC but when you find out the truth that there is only one giant bank hiding behind the scene of the crime and the GSE’s the banks and the servicers are just there to hide the man behind the man behind the curtain..wink, wink. There are no attorneys in Chicago Matt. The media just reported a few weeks ago that Chicago is the most corrupt city in the country so there is the answer to that. I am fighting pro se with an attorney sort of advising me. I just e-mailed my local media about the fraud and corruption in the courts and asked them to contact me because they reported over a year ago the banks don’t have the notes. This pandering to the banks by the media is an outrage. The reason why they dont have the notes is what should be the tpp story not the ongoing eviction/foreclosure cry me a river saga. The fact these crooks don’t have the legal documents to be granted a foreclosure and they are really third party debt collectors with no legal lien on title because the ORIGINATORS committed massive fraud with our notes and signatures is why there is no legal lien so they could commit that fraud needs to be exposed by the media. That is why the mortgages and notes are null and void.

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