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The Bank Attorney Speaks…And He’s Not Happy About Foreclosure Defense Rambo Litigators….

foreclosure-litigatorFROM HOUSING WIRE:

Here’s what the story says:

You know the type: the borrower’s lawyer contests foreclosures by challenging every aspect of your Complaint; he raises MERS as an issue when MERS is not even named in the mortgage; he serves boilerplate discovery requests (likely downloaded from the Internet) seeking documents about securitization when the loan was never even pooled or securitized; he requests the depositions of everyone involved with the loan; he sends nasty letters every other week making baseless threats and/or threatening to contact the media; he appeals adverse decisions whether or not there is any merit; he claims that documents have been robosigned – a term he likely stumbled upon unwittingly while browsing the Internet for ways to defend foreclosures.



He does this to create delay; to run up your costs in order to leverage a favorable resolution such as a loan modification, short payoff, or principal forgiveness; and/or out of pure spite.


  • JOhnR says:

    Wow… I don’t see the problem here… You’ve sent out mortgages without allonges attached… you come up, months later, with “Assignments of Mortgages” and “Affidavits” that are back dated and robo-signed… you’re willing to put your license to practice law on the line by entering known forged and/or fraudulant documents into the Courts… you’ve been a major contributor to knowingly destroying the Land Records of the entire United States! I wish everybody would do what you claim they did! I would rejoice! I would sign halleluleah in the streets at the top of my lungs if they all did that. As for it running up your costs… wait till more courts start deciding in those defendants directions and then watch as you and your brethren start getting hit with suits and requests for disbarments. You wanna play dirty? OK… are we ever gonna end up having fun with you guys… Bubba’s waiting!

  • richard rendina says:

    This attorney is a complete asshole! He has no concern or understanding for basic constitutional rights and due process. His next idiotic speech will be to eliminate the presumption of innocence in criminal cases. Most bank attorneys are parasitic whores who aid and abet the fraud committed by their clients.

  • Incognito123 says:

    Oh the **HORRORS** that a homeowner (with or without an attorney) should EXPECT the LAWS and the RULES of court to be followed. Eeeks, Matt, ugh, YOU expect that, OMG, I don’t believe that?!?!?! Homeowners/Attorneys that have the AUDACITY to EXPECT the Constitution be followed as well. I think we should just throw the Constitution away, and when you are PRESUMED guilty/owe the money, whatever, then it must be that way, no need for judges, no need for juries, heck, why do we even need a judicial branch of government??? Just make the claim, be the Plaintiff, and poof, you win. Matt, no need for any attorneys anymore INCLUDING that #(^@ *&^!@#.

  • Sandy Kuhn says:

    Yeah, when does the fun begin………I’m ready

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