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The Attorney General Selltlement(sellout)- Endorsed in Blank, RoboSigned…

For those of us that have been fighting the banks and all their lies, forgery, fraud, surrogate signing, ghost signing, notary fraud, the AG settlement chaos is a rather fitting “end” to this whole stinking saga.

The mighty AGs themselves are now victims of the very conduct we’ve been screaming about.   It would be especially fitting for the banks to send some agent acting with power of attorney or some surrogate signer down to ink the deal.

Hell, why don’t they just have LPS or one of the other document mills prepare the agreement, then send it   off for Linda Green or Jeffrey Stephan to sign for them?   Better yet, call the agreement a negotiable instrument and have it “endorsed” by any old squiggle and claim both that noone has any right to challenge the signature   and that it cannot be enforced against anyone.

A sickening mess this entire country has become. Our government in bed with the criminals, both of them conspiring against us.

UPDATE- I swear I did   not read   the following post before I wrote mine, but it’s important to note how anyone with two firing braincells can see the connections between the lies and the crimes the banks perpetrated(and continue to perpetrate) on all of us and what they are now doing to the banks…

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