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The 49 State Attorney General Mortgage Settlement – A Detailed Analysis of The EPIC SELLOUT of The American People!



    Dear Matt,
    I watched your video.Too bad for you that you do not take me seriously.I agree with everything you are talking about.
    The resolution to the problem, the way to stop the banks, is to stop funding them [bailing them out].It must be done with paperwork.The paperwork and all jurisdiction begins with the birth certificate [$1,000,000 asset/bond] which enjoins consent to the FED and the govt to use your equity for the bailout.
    Take control of the birth certificate, and you take control of the asset/bond.We need a 3rd party in politics.
    The Sovereign American party.
    You should call me, you should sit down with me and organize it.
    Otherwise, the phony,fabricated polarized argument maintains status quo.

  • chitown2020 says:

    Where are you America?

  • Penni says:

    I never have seen so many people so afraid to call the banks actions what they are…CRIMINAL, DOMESTICE TERRORISM!
    this is a good vid for one reason only, that Weidner explains enough to let you see SOME of the problem, he doesn’t reach nearly far enough though…Even through all of the info, he is placing priority of the problem as the MISUSED taxpayer money, well, what about those who have been illegally foreclosed on, & kicked from their homes & lives, have had their credit ruined, their equity and money stolen outright by the banks, MILLIONS of AMERICAN CITIZENS? I guess, if they can’t afford a lawyer, since they are guilty of NO CRIME, a lawyer WILL NOT BE PROVIDED FOR THEM.

  • Steve says:

    America Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. did all of those things discussed in the video and aren’t apart of any AG settlement. Even during the time of Hope for Home Owners from Oct. 2008 to mid 2009 they didn’t take part in the program and took the houses back instead. They state it on there website.
    ” Note: AHMSI is not a participating lender in FHA’s Hope for Homeowners (H4H) Refinance Program, but provides information about the program below. You can investigate your eligibility for this program without affecting your participation in HAMP or HARP.”
    This whole crisis has been an on going game of timing, lies, and theft.

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