The Website RipOff Report is a well known review and complaint website that publishes reviews and complaints about businesses from all across the country.

slander and libelRipOff Report has developed a long history of refusing to remove even false or defamatory statements, asserting that it is respecting principals of Free Speech and the First Amendment. Consumers and individuals that encounter even blatantly or unquestionably false material published against them on the website Ripoff Report will find themselves (initially) crashing into the brick wall of RipOff Report’s stated position that they will not remove false or defamatory information under any circumstances.

But there are so many other significant considerations that a consumer must take before accepting the NO REMOVAL OF LIBEL OR SLANDEROUS REVIEWS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

First, consumers always have the right to sue the person who made false or defamatory statements…no matter where those statements are published.

Second, consumers must act quickly to sue after learning of false or defamatory statements or they may lose the right so sue forever.

Third, consumers should consumer alternative forms of relief like filing lawsuits for unfair and deceptive practices

Ripoff Report also sets up a business model that is quite troubling. While they assert that they support the First Amendment, the Ripoff Report sets up a business model where…FOR A FEE…they will give the false and defamatory information a careful examination.  It is this business practice that sets up additional claims that the consumer really must pay careful attention to.

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