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St. Petersburg Times Encourages Florida Attorney General To Pursue Foreclosure Fraud

Based on news reports and the general feeling I get, I’m afraid our the banks might just be able to push all this under the rug.   This would have already been accomplished were it not for our press doing their job to make sure the public is fully informed.   Please review this article and log in with your comments.

St. Petersburg Times


  • says:

    Thanks Matt for your coverage. Don’t expect much from the Florida courts in the long run. The more powerful interest, the banks, will eventually win. The foreclosure mills may be closed or fined, but that’s about it. Face it, both Bush and Obama love the banks. Remember how TARP morphed into a billion-dollar bailout for the banks?

  • litgant says:

    The St. Pete Times is way ahead of the Tampa Tribune when it comes to reporting on the foreclosure fraud. It comes as no surprise to me the Times would be against fraud and openly oppose it. This indicates a level of decency there for oppressed home owners who are victims of a massive scheme by banks. It is nice to read this newspaper sees the validity many defense lawyers have raised in these rob0-shyster courts. If the Times can get it, why can’t these local judges?

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