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September’s Horrendous HAMP Numbers

The figures published by our friends within the federal government confirm what we all know already…the government’s primary effort to resolve the mortgage crisis is an abysmal failure.

$50 billion dollars and less than 500,000 modifications resulting in average payment declines of less than $500

That’s government work for you.   Keep in mind that the beneficiaries of all this government money are raking in massive profits….at the expense of borrowers, defendants in foreclosure and the American people in general.



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  • Swarm The Banks says:

    Let us not forget that the government is requiring parallel foreclosure commence before a homeowner can even be considered for a HAMP! This just smacks of impeachability to me.

    A president that bails out the banks but then requires american citizens be parallel foreclosed simply applying for a government program seems like an impeachable act to me.

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