Foreclosure Defense Florida

Have You Been Scammed By Your Foreclosure DEFENSE Attorney or Loan Modification Scam?

If you’ve been scammed by your foreclosure defense attorney or loan modification I want to hear from you!

foreclosure defense scamAll across Florida, there are very good attorneys who are doing excellent work on behalf of the consumers of this state. I say it over and over again, because it’s true, the consumers of the Tampa Bay area in particular are quite fortunate to have several very good lawyers who serve their clients and the courts by providing excellent legal services.  One very clear reason for this population of good consumer lawyers in this area of the state is the fact that we’ve got very good judges who have been very receptive to the arguments brought by attorneys which has helped this area of law to be developed.

But just as there are many good lawyers, there are also far too many bad lawyers out there, or companies and individuals posing as lawyers, who are taking money from consumers and then not doing the kind of work these consumers are entitled to.

On a regular basis I hear from consumers who have paid tens of thousands of dollars to lawyers only to find out on the eve of trial or after trial that they have lost their case.  Other examples include clients who accept settlement terms without being fully advised of the consequences of those settlements…such as not being advised of the tax consequences of a deficiency waiver.

This is simply unacceptable and, in some cases, it may constitute malpractice and ethical violations.

When these kinds of violations occur, clients need to have good legal advice from an experienced attorney who can provide a truly independent perspective on their case.

For those consumers in particular who recognize they may have been wronged, please email me directly at