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RICK SCOTT- VETO THE FORECLOSURE BILL…..(and the condo and hoa’s should join us in this request!)

Apparently the calls to the Governor’s Office are starting to have an impact….we’re hearing that there’s some chance that he might indeed veto this bad legislation…From the Palm Beach Post:

Supporters and opponents are still waging a battle over Florida’s fast foreclosure bill, hoping to sway Gov. Rick Scott to sign it into law or veto it all together _ a move one group fears is a strong possibility.

An urgent message was sent Monday by the statewide Community Advocacy Network, which represents community associations, urging members to let Scott know they back the foreclosure bill that passed both chambers of the Florida legislature during the final weeks of the 2013 session.

” The emails calling for a veto of this bill continue to flow in to the Governor’s Office and from what we’ve heard the possibility of HB 87 being vetoed is great,” wrote attorney Donna DiMaggio Berger, executive director of the Community Advocacy Network. ” While there is much to like about this bill even from a debtor’s standpoint, the mortgage defense attorneys have presumably decided that lengthier bank foreclosures are better for them.”


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  • kenneth anderson says:

    please pass the foreclosure bill, we have a vacant home next to us in imperial g/c and the bank has done nothing. if had to sell our home now it would bring our value down by 40%. the bank has done nothing to the home in 3 years.

  • Victor Gonzalez says:

    Please Veto this bill. If there are houses vacant its because shows again that the banks don’t give a care about anyone.

    IF you veto it gives the owner a fighting chance to get it back and re-negotiated his mortgage that was the banks fault in the first place.

    Passing this bill will not help anything but give banks more power to commit more fraud.

  • Lo says:

    Kenneth, if you think selling your house is hard now, because of the vacant one next door, just wait until the banks boot out hundreds, if not thousands, leaving a huge glut or available cheap, homes for sale, on the market. If that happens, can watch your home value plummet to rock bottom and stay there for years. Foolish thinking that allowing the banks to quickly foreclose will help your little world.

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