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Rick Scott Asks GOD to Help You Find a Job. (God Help Us)

I’m a God fearing man, but I find the following video message very disturbing.   I just don’t like elected officials interjecting their religion, their God into politics so directly.

As aggressively and passionately as Florida’s Governor is imploring for God’s intervention, I wonder what his supporters and what other people in this state will think when God does not answer Scott’s prayers?

And I’ve got some disappointing news for you, God is not going to come rushing in and putting Floridians back to work.   And here’s another news flash, God does not work for Rick Scott.   There is something very disturbing about invoking God in support of this nation’s most unpopular governor.   If God does not bring jobs, what are God fearing Rick Scott supporters to think?   And with this governor so isolated and so unpopular, now passionately invoking God, what does he think of the majority of Floridians that do not support his radical agenda?   Into what category are we non-believers placed?   And for you handful of Scott supporters, are you all Christian and even if you are are you comfortable with your religion playing such a big role in politics?   Scary stuff methinks.

Rick Scott Video


  • Grady says:

    Matt, I find your comments uncalled for, lacking spiritual wisdom, and contradictory. You open by stating “I’m a God fearing man” then later state “Into what category are we non-believers placed?”. Which is it? Are you “a God fearing man”, or a “non-believer”? You can’t be both in the same sense and time. The Word of God tells believers to take our requests to Him in prayer. Rick Scott is doing what God has told us to do, asking for His intervention and making our requests and needs known to Him in prayer.

    Php 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

    Our nation is in the mess we are in because we have turned from God and followed the human “wisdom” of godless leaders. God’s Word tells us what we must do.

    2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    Perhaps, rather that criticize a person of faith for simply calling on the Lord for help, you should fall on your knees and do likewise.

    • This guy TERRIFIES me! He really, really does. The circumstances in this country are such that we must be very, very careful about false prophets and those that improperly invoke the Name of God to support their political and other improper goals. It really confounds me how anyone could look to Rick Scott as any source of moral leadership. The Colombia/HCA thing was real and legal niceties aside, Scott was the captain of that ship. We must all be free to speak our minds and to criticize one another when we do. I was a life long Republican. The party left me, I did not leave the party. And this current class are the worst we’ve ever seen.

      • Grady says:

        Matt, Please stop with the straw men. No one is “looking to Rick Scott for moral leadership”. The man was praying for God’s providence for our state. That’s it. You claim to be a “man of God”. No Christian should condemn another Christian for praying. I don’t think Rick is the one that is the “false prophet” here.

        Are you an Obama supporter too?

        • Grady says:

          If our nation has any hope of survival, it will be through the Lord.

          2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

          You might want to spend some time in the Bible.

          As far a politics, the freshmen Tea party class is one of the best classes in a long time. If limited Constitutional government is to be restored to this nation, it will be because of them, not the liberal/progressive/Marxists in the Democrat Party.

        • me, certainly no obama supporter. none of them. none of them and especially note Scott. are you not troubled by his background? Is that not any concern for you? And the Tea Party has ripped the Republican party in half…they are going to deliver the White House to Obama all over again.

          • Grady says:

            I hope you don’t use those straw man arguments in Court. The video that you condemned Rick Scott over was about his praying, not his background. We all should be praying for our state, nation, and our leaders. Read your Bible and you will find that is what we must do.

            The Tea Party freshmen are about restoring a limited Constitutional government, the Rinos are not, they are about business as usual. If our nation is to be restored, we must return to a limited federal Constitutional government. The Democrats and RINOs are taking us to the same place, enslavement, the Democrats on a rocket and the RINO’s on a slower airplane.

            I am shocked you support the RINO’s, especially in light of your earlier statement that the Republican Party had abandoned you. Guess what, the Republican Party of which you speak of abandonment is the RINO wing of the party.

  • Mike Hansen says:

    Sounds good to me. Only devine intervention will get US out of this mess.
    We must as a nation REPENT and return to the 10 commandments and the belief in our CREATOR.
    The enemy has tried to tear the idea of a GODHEAD out of our
    consciousness so they could debauch and rob us.
    Look at the filth that passes for entertainment among the young
    generation. Is it any wonder we are being punished?
    Either the US returns to God and sanity, or we will go the way
    of Ancient Rome. The enemy controls our government and our financial
    system. If we don’t wake up, we will be destroyed.
    It began with JFK then the attack on the USS Liberty. Then they
    debauched our currency(1968). Next they blew up the World Trade Center and blamed it on the Arabs so they could involve us in a senseless War in the Mid East for THEIR interests, not ours. It’s
    time for TRUE CHRISTIANS TO WAKE UP! Time is short, and the countdown to Armageddon is under way. We need to Pray for HIS intervention to get US out of this mess!

  • Cheryl says:

    God is sending Comet Elenin and Planet Nibiru as an answer to all these problems. The next scheduled 8.0+ earthquake is on schedule for September 25-29th window. Earthquakes have been previously predicted based on the comet’s alignment to earth. This time it will be far closer.

    Bible prophecy describes the effects of what’s to come. First the earthquake and comet in September, then a Planet Nibiru will be arriving in October or sooner. So all these things will no longer matter because a large part of civilization will be wiped out. They’ve known about this for a very long time. You can’t ignore Mayan prophecy, Edgar Cayce and the Bible’s revelations. This is it, and the Russians also claim they’ve noted what’s coming seems to be under some kind of intelligent control.



  • Scott says:

    The comments I’ve seen here so far are the scariest thing of all. I really hope, Cheryl, that you’re going for satire and you aren’t truly serious about the things you are saying. I’m amazed at how people can be so selective in granting God credit for some things and not others. And I think most of you have missed one of the things Matt mentioned here: the fact that a man who steered the Columbia/HCA ship is saying we need God’s help. This is a man who took advantage of a faulty system to fuel his and others’ greed… and you people voted him into power. Do you honestly think God is still on our side? Religion, just like any other action, is a reflection of man. God will NOT pull us out of these problems. It’s the human conciousness and mother nature that are the sole forces at work here, and the sooner you people realize this FACT, the sooner we can off of our knees and get down to finding REAL solutions to our problems.

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