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Rick Scott Announces- Courts Are No Longer Necessary in Florida (And the Legislature Agrees)

florida-foreclosure-processFlorida’s beloved dictator Rick Scott recently announced (more or less) that courts and judges should just get out of the way of the freight train called foreclosures.   All those judges and defense attorneys with their pesky questions are just getting in the way of the banks. Now never mind that everybody in the world now knows that the banks and institutions have been engaged in systematically lying, committing fraud and just generally ignoring and abusing the rights of everyone in America…and they are apparently allowed to do it with impunity….no punishment and no one standing up to even slow them down.

And so it’s no surprise that today’s Headline in The St. Petersburg Times Screams  


God forbid anyone, especially judges or attorneys look into the conduct of the banksters. But then is anyone willing to stand up and speak out against all this?   Guess we’ll just have to see how this plays out.

But then just listen to the tepid hearing on foreclosures that prompted all this discussion.   You’ll have to forgive our elected leaders for non having any real questions or understanding the issue or seeming like they care at all.   This is, after all, an apportionment year and they’re only really concerned about the districts and not anything that will actually help Floridians.




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  • speakout says:

    They’ve been paid off by the banksters. I think we need to sue to get the interest payments due us on the $3+trillion the banksters REALLY got in the TARP bailout. After all, didn’t they have to come to the government (the people) to get money? If bankers have the money to “lend” us (like they claim to be the “lenders”), then why do they have to come to us to get bailed out?

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