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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Provest Warns- Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Are on the Lookout!

Process-of-ServiceAttached to a lawsuit filed in the public records is the fantastic document that is attached below.   The fact of the matter is there is/was an epidemic of faulty or flawed service of process all across the State of Florida and we will all be paying the price for this in the decades to come.

Proper service of process is the very foundation of our entire civil legal system.   And flawed service of process is makes our entire legal system vulnerable.   Keep in mind that flawed service of process renders an entire judgment void.

But the real interesting thing is this memo…..




  • Jeff says:

    I read the ProVest memorandum to its process servers. Perhaps I am missing your point. What exactly is interesting about it. It seems to me that they are reinforcing the requirements that in-state and out of state process servers should adhere to.

  • Happy Renter says:

    Well, Jeff,

    Here is the point –

    They should not have had to “reinforce” the requirements.

    The “requirements” should have been there, plainly stated, plainly adhered to, from the beginning.

    They failed. Big Time.

  • marilyn lane says:

    ProVest is interconnected to United States Foreclosure Network,
    which is
    interconnected to Fidelity National Title.

    Funny how all the crooks connect.

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