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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Proof that No Citizen is Safe While The Florida Legislature is in Session..

The Florida Legislature is in session and the banking and mortgage industries are hard at work trying to paper over the lies
and the dire consequences that they have created.  Consumers and citizens are grossly outgunned and the banks and their teams
of lawyers and lobbyists are working feverishly to overtake us.

Senate Bill 1072

695.28Validity of recorded electronic documents."”
  445         (1)"ƒA document that is otherwise entitled to be recorded
  446  and that was or is submitted to the clerk of the court or county
  447  recorder by electronic means and accepted for recordation is
  448  deemed validly recorded and provides notice to all persons
  449  notwithstanding:
  450         (a)"ƒThat the document was received and accepted for
  451  recordation before the Department of State adopted standards
  452  implementing s. 695.27; or
  453         (b)"ƒAny defects in, deviations from, or the inability to
  454  demonstrate strict compliance with any statute, rule, or
  455  procedure to submit or record an electronic document in effect
  456  at the time the electronic document was submitted for recording.

And its companion on the house side

Next a bill on the expansion of senior judges


  • learning2 says:

    Time for a REVOLUTION!!

    and, ‘electronic recording’??? They can’t even get physical paper registered. Imagine all the garbage they’ll say ‘are actual documents…and they really are who they say, and the Borrower actually signed’ too.

    AND THEN, ‘…applies prospectively and retroactively…’

    The flies are gathering around the feces which is the U.S.A.


  • learning2 says:

    By the way, if you think some of your commentators may not be ‘real’, you may be correct. I heard about this a few days ago but came across the site here:

  • litgant says:

    Matt, who sponsored this in the House and Senate? Who has signed on to it? Then we will know how to direct our attention.

    I cannot believe any Democrat or Republican would enact legislation to give banks and lenders an advantage over citizens when it comes to foreclosures.

    When out legislators work to enact laws by banks and their henchmen, they are not representing the people who sent them there. They are representing big-money interest. It is time we put the names and pictures of those who are sponsoring these changes.

    Shows, big money is still going into the pockets of politicians. Next questions is how many went to bed at the bunny ranch, will have a personal dope man, a free paid vacation to vegas with gambling money, grandchildren tuition paid, a new motorhome, a new driveway, free limo service, free pre-paid visa or master cards, broadway tickets, annual tickets to favorite sports games, a Swiss bank account, and a new house in some other country?

    Matt, you are a great lawyer. I hope you will reconsider what Dave Krieger is doing now. What he proposes cannot be affected by this injustice being rushed through the bedrooms in Tallahassee legislators. Mr. Krieger has some great pleadings to quiet titles. I believe he has a tool needed in every tool-kit of all foreclosure defense attornies in Florida.

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