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President Obama, We Have To Go To War, You Decide Who We Go To War With…

Okay Mr. President, you know the drill, you’ve read all the budget numbers, you know where we are.   We take in $2.8, We spend $3.7.   Those are the real numbers, this isn’t some posturing, we’re not playing politics or angling for some benefit with the voters. This isn’t something we’re going to work with the repubs and play for the elections, this is not something we can negotiate with them to fight over in the upcoming elections.   These are the real numbers.   We can’t get around them and we cannot hide from them, they are what they are.   We’re in the hole each month and we can not get out of the hole.

And so here’s the deal.   At some point in time, we’re going to default on our obligations to someone.   We can either stop paying Social Security, Food Stamps and other services here at home, or we can start fighting someone else.   Problem with that is, if we turn off the money here, we’re risking lots of domestic fighting within the US and chaos.   So we’ve got to go to war.

“But wait, I said no more war. I said we were coming home.   No more war.”

The   issue is we’ve got so much of the budget here in the US directed at military spending that we can’t just turn the military machine off here.   Take Florida for instance. We pump at least $10 billion dollars per year into Florida’s economy through our military. Paychecks to soldiers, supplies to the bases. Jobs to all the subcontractors that build bombs and bullets and uniforms for every branch…but thats just what we estimate…there are any millions in “dark” or secret programs we don’t speak about.t

Jobs all across this county are gone…take the whole space shuttle thing in Florida.   At least 15,000 jobs gone and unless we do something they’re never coming back.   And if we just stop with the wars, so many more jobs and billions of dollars are just gone. So let’s just face the facts and get to work. We may need CIA or special affairs to provide some pretext, but we’ve got to do this….we cannot afford not to fight….let’s get to work…..

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  • Cheryl says:

    Matt, I’m sure you may have some hint by now crooks took over the Federal Government who are acting under orders of those who want to gut our country. Just look at the Gibson Guitar raid, one of the few last manufacturers in the USA that recently added 580 jobs. The Feds want to close the place down for bogus interpretations of some trade statute. India didn’t even complain viewing the sale of their wood perfectly legal for Gibson to do as it so pleased.

    Crooks who have International ties with special interests overseas clearly are calculatedly destroying our country’s infrastructure and have been for a long time since NAFTA.

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