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The following is a must-read article from my friend, Matt Stoller that appeared yesterday in Politico.

We are in such a world of hurt in this country that things will never be right again.   A big part of how we got here was failing to prosecute, much less punish, the sociopaths that destroyed our economy.

Our nation has crumbled at the foundation and it will not be fixed when the circus of national elections comes to town.   It will not be fixed when they crown the next American Idol or hand out the Lombardi trophy.   We need Nurenmburg-type trials.   Heads have got to roll.   We need people accountable.

But there is no indication that this is happening on the national level.   No talk of crime or punishment.

Only passing legislation that will allow the government to arrest and indefinitely detain me for talking like this and getting the general population fired up…..that’s a scary set of priorities.

Read on from Matt Stoller’s excellent article:

Bubbling under the surface of politics is the foreclosure crisis “” where the power of big finance is brushing up against the rule of law. The party leaders seem to have decided it is essentially a giant “” but unavoidable “” tragedy. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said foreclosures have to clear for the housing market to reset. The Obama administration, meanwhile, has spent only about $2 billion of the $75 billion authorized for the Home Affordable Modification Program.

But the foreclosure crisis is not only a few million personal tragedies. It is a few million crime scenes.