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Word on The Street is that there are moves afoot to cancel or limit the residential mediation program in Florida.   We must not allow this to happen to a program that has only just begun.

Mediation has proven enormously successful in all civil litigation, all across the world.   While mediation has not proven very successful in foreclosure cases yet, the program is too new to be scrapped.

I recognize frustration from the banks for the cost and certainly borrowers have their share of the blame for not participating and not providing all information required, but these are problems that should and must be corrected.

Please read the attached White Paper and circulate among all decision makers.







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  • Miriam says:

    Mediation is good if done properly. I personally had a terrible experience when Court ordered mediation twice and the Bank did not cooperate at all. The mediator didn’t even care during the dialogue and there was no Bank representation. Both times the result went impasse, creating a negative report on my Court record. Sadly and unfortunately, my house was sold and I was evicted, losing all my personal belongings and business equipment. From a professional artist, now I find myself living in extreme poverty, bankrupted, no car, no savings and suffering emotional anxiety.

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