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Pinellas County, Florida’s Sixth Judicial Circuit- Old School in the Fraudclosure Fight.

subprime-lendersAs questions over servicers and ownership of notes and mortgages have now made their way into the public discourse, I’ve been looking backwards, deconstructing these arguments and tracing the roots of the arguments and the very real questions which are being debated around the world and the admissions which are now part of the Congressional record.

Some of the earliest serious questioning of the issues now raised in our world centers of economic powers actually occurred right here in Pinellas County.   As these issues continue to bubble and froth and the toxic pot of title stew continues to boil, I predict that we will eventually circle back and ask the question….

“What if we had listened to the good judge and stopped all of this in 2005?”

It really is interesting to read the article…a nice historical perspective….

New York Times

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