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Perpetrate Foreclosure Fraud on The Court = Lose Your Ability to Ever Foreclose

By now the fact that foreclosure mills, pretender lenders and their document mills across the country are perpetrating widespread and systemic fraud on the courts is not news.   Well sure major questions remain unanswered such as what will be the ultimate price of all this fraud…as reported previously much of this fraud will go unpunished because much of the evidence is apparently being sent back to the law firms that commit the fraud. (In violation of court rules)   But so much is sliding by these days.

We all must do everything we can to bring fraud to the court’s attention and to preserve the evidence when it is found.   Attached here is the brilliant work of a Foreclosure Fraud Fighter, Ralph Fisher of Tampa, Florida who shows us what the courts are willing to do when a good attorney makes AND PROVES a case of fraud…..Case dismissed WITH PREJUDICE.

That means the case cannot be brought again by that Plaintiff and if the note is endorsed to that Plaintiff….they’ve got real problems.

Couple things are illustrated by this case…First and foremost, you must hire an attorney who is dedicated to this area of the law to handle your case.   I respect all the great work of your unrepresented advocates, but I’m sorry Eto say, you’re just not going to get the same results.

Next, and this goes out to attorneys and other advocates alike…given what we know about the widespread fraud, never take anything at all for granted and do not trust a single document or piece of evidence submitted by the Plaintiffs or their lying accomplices…question and object whenever you suspect and think you may be able to substantiate the objections.

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  • Alina says:

    Mr. Weidner,

    Once again you are right on target. As a paralegal for the past 20 years, I definitely agree that an attorney can achieve a much better result than a pro se litigant.

    However, the problem is that there are so few attorneys willing to take on foreclosure defense cases. When I first started researching my own case, I contacted several attornys that I had worked with and knew quite well. None wanted to get invovled. Just recently I had a lengthy conversation with the House rep for my area (who also happens to be a foreclosure defense attorney) and he told me that he only takes cases where there is no question that the documentation is incorrect.

    I want to thank you for the invaluable service you are providing not only to attorneys defending foreclosures but to us pro se litigants.

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