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Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General Is A Strong And Firm Supporter of Florida’s Public Records Law!

Florida’s attorney general has been taking some heat over the last several weeks, but I’m writing today to highlight a video which shows her strong and passionate support for Florida’s Public Records law.   I am encouraged to know that she served as Hillsborough County’s public records officer for nearly a decade and am glad that she will be working through out state government’s compliance with this crucial law!


And importantly, check out the website for the Florida First Amendment Foundation buy some materials, then make a donation to support their crucial mission!

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  • John Anderson says:

    Check out that office! Very high dollar wallcovering, chairs and accessories. The small chest under the table lamp is for the payoff loot.

    What’s needed is a dance pole, for this bank owned floozy,, to do strip tease’s for Rick Scott, & his Wall St pals.

    Why don’t she tell us why she fired the two fraud investigators, investigating robo signing & attorney misconduct, who had been reviewed and given high marks? She or any of the 50 state AGs could start arresting felons now, instead of talking fines, “a small taste of the loot” and allowing MERS to replace, or granting equal recording validity of documents at the courthouse.
    She has stated that she is concerned with homeowners, abusing the law, and getting a free house, but is she concerned with banks abusing the law and getting a free house when they never loaned the homeowner a dime?

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