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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Our Hero Lynn Syzmoniak on 60 Minutes This Sunday!

As this war rages on, it’s easy to focus on all the ways we are losing the battle for integrity, for justice, for the respect of basic law and respect for important Constitutional rights.

It’s demoralizing to go into courtrooms day after day, continuing to fight the same battles over and over and listen to the banks make absurd arguments over and over.   Sometimes they win.   Even when they don’t win, there’s no penalty for them wasting the court’s time or our clients time for abusing the court process.

It’s devastating when Florida’s Attorney General sells out every consumer in the State of Florida with an absurd settlement agreement, that flat out blows important aspects of the law and fails to appreciate that the SINGLE GREATEST CRIME SPREE EVER COMMITTED ON A SOCIETY CONTINUES TO RAGE ON UNDER HER WATCH.

But there are some bright spots.   Our free press across this country really gets it and continues to report on this issue.

Even if our leaders and law enforcement fails to see this for what it is, our press is not afraid to call it what it is….watch the trailer and tune in on Sunday!

60 Minutes