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One of The Most Bizarre Fraudclosure Stories Yet….

What this guy is doing is just wrong, wrong, wrong.   Illegal, probably criminal and I suspect he will find himself behind bars in very short order.

The problem is these kinds of anarchist chaos theories and tactics are a natural output of a larger system that has spiraled out of control….clients and real people are hurt all across this country when they fall victim to these kinds of schemes and scams, like the “mass joinder” lawsuits, the class action scams, the admiralty law scams, the copyright of my name scam, the modification/trust ownership scam, the adverse possession scam, etc., etc., etc.

We need law enforcement and our attorneys general to be clearing house of all these problems, but when you’ve got lawlessness on one side of the equation…like when law enforcement fails to intervene when the banks just decide to go and change the locks on people’s homes without court order and without authority to do so, you’re going to provoke more of this type of dangerous lawlessness…

(I’ve decided to self edit and not provide the link to the story.   Although the story is reported in newspapers and despite my disclaimers, I worry about spreading such information….an example of “The Chill”)