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Office of Personnel Management SCAM Letter Warning…(except it’s not a scam)

By December 11, 2015One Comment

My client got a letter that i was certain was a scam…it purported to be on government letterhead and offered credit monitoring services.

The thing is…it is not a scam…

Washington (CNN)The federal agency that had more than 21 million Americans’ personal information stolen in a massive hack is once again in congressional cross-hairs — this time for improperly doling out taxpayer dollars to protect those Americans after the data breach.

The Office of Personnel Management’s inspector general released a report this month, made public Thursday, finding that the agency improperly handled its contract award to a company hired to protect the identities of the first 4 million federal employees affected by the breach, which has been blamed on China.

That spurred House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz to once again call for heads to roll — sending a letter to the White House demanding the firing of OPM’s chief information officer on Thursday.


One Comment

  • Rick Humphrey says:

    I received one of these letters allegedly from the Office of Personnel Management PM…. How can I trust this? To enroll in this program I have to go to a website and provide all of my personal information that the government has potentially already lost to a cyber-security hack? Since the government has already identified me as a risk and taken the trouble of generating a 20 digit pin # why would I need to tell them again who I am and what my SSN is? This makes no sense to me. The letter hints to the notion that this Identity Protection has already been activated for free for 3 years. Then if that’s the case why do I need to enroll in anything? Still sounds like a scam to me or at the very least a bait and switch, come to my site, buy my additional stuff to be more secure… If this is real, a very big if, is the enrollment process merely for my benefit to be able to monitor what the third party ID protection company is finding and or protecting me from?

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