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OCCUPY HOMES- That’s How to Defeat Foreclosures!

democracy-nowVeterans are being throw into the streets, but what’s the sense in that…another foreclosed home?

FORT MYERS “” Manny Romero, a Gulf War veteran, has lost his home.

His modest two-bedroom home in south Fort Myers sold at a foreclosure auction Wednesday. He doesn’t have a job. His lender has threatened to repossess his car. Times couldn’t get much tougher.He is living on his faith.

His volunteer work with the nonprofit Invest in America’s Veterans Foundation in Cape Coral ““ and the emotional support it provides him ““ helps, too. It’s what keeps him going, giving him the strength to get through another day.

“I can’t find anything more rewarding than what I’m doing. So that really helps my point of view and my strength and faith, in the fact that I’m doing something that’s helping people, helping our veterans,” he said.

Romero’s volunteer job is helping other veterans find jobs and fight foreclosure. An out-of-work paralegal, he’s helped a dozen or more other veterans keep their homes, usually without pay.

Romero, 56, is far from alone in his battles as a veteran. More than 20,000 veterans and military personnel lost their homes last year.

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