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A bit off the typical topic here, but this post illustrates a much bigger point, the point that we are living in a delusional world where propaganda and false “facts” rule the public discussion.  This is especially evident in discussions relating to “Obamacare”.  The legislation is, in public at least, reviled by Republicans.  But the fact of the matter is Republicans received and continue to receive vast amounts of financial support from the private insurance companies that will be making billions from “Obamacare”.

Obamacare is not government insurance, it’s the government forcing Americans to pay money to private corporations for a product that the government is requiring you to purchase.  Make no mistake, I have for decades supported a more rational form of health care delivery. Bottom line is all Americans should have access to high quality health care.  But it’s a question of individual priorities.  Vast majorities of Americans have cell phones and televisions and eat out in restaurants.  But those same folks who have those luxuries make personal decisions not to use their own money to buy health care.  This is a problem. A problem of personal choice and priorities.  Now obviously, for some folks, the current marketplace did not provide the ability to purchase insurance affordably, but if more people bought insurance, especially the young and healthy those purchasers added into the mix would bring the rates down for everyone.

But that didn’t happen.  Instead, we’ve all been given the mess that is before us, Obamacare, BlueCrossCare, UnitedCare, WellCare and whatever other corporations made the payments to be part of the government mandated health care cartel.