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NY Times- Will The Banksters Ever Learn From Their Mistakes?

From Gretchen Morgenson at New York Times comes another (DUH!) story.   The thing that is so insane about all this is how many allegedly smart people are either too dense or too corrupt or too blinded by a cloud of wonky policyism to appreciate the crisis that we are all still deeply mired in….and that you and I, as taxpayers are still paying dearly for.

And remember, the banksters and Wall Streeters are not only not paying a price, they are profiting handsomely….(thank you very, very much)…From the New York Times:

YOU’D think the mortgage bust would qualify as a teachable moment.

But some people refuse to learn from mistakes “” a list that apparently includes certain mortgage bankers. Their industry is fighting a new rule that might prevent a repeat of the lending binge that helped drive our economy off a cliff.

New York Times