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MUST READ! GEORGE PACKER’S NEW BOOK- The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

” The Unwinding” is complex and intelligent, but these qualities are coalescent rather than explicit. And the narrative space of the book is highly pressurized. The chapters are short. The sentences shoot forward. The descriptors come quick and sharp and loaded for bear. The perspective jumps from one protagonist to the next rapidly, with nothing connecting the many characters “” knowns like Newt Gingrich, unknowns like struggling biofuels entrepreneur Dean Price “” except for Packer’s masterful location of them within the larger drama of the ” unwinding.”

” If you were born around 1960 or afterwards, you spent your adult life in the vertigo of that unwinding,” writes Packer in his prologue. ” You watched structures that had been in place before your birth collapse like pillars of salt across the vast visible landscape “” the farms of the Carolina Piedmont, the factories of the Mahoning Valley, Florida subdivisions, California schools. And other things, harder to see but no less vital in supporting the order of everyday life, changed beyond recognition “” ways and means in Washington caucus rooms, taboos on New York trading desks, manners and morals everywhere. When the norms that made the old institutions useful began to unwind, and the leaders abandoned their posts, the Roosevelt Republic that had reigned for almost half a century came undone. The void was filled by the default force in American life, organized money.”

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