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More Evidence That The AG Deal is a Sellout, Not a Settlement….

As Matt Stoller first reported, the banks are throwing fist fulls of cash to the banks and tossing a few pennies back at the serfs, the American People. Matt Stoller This of course is a big “DUH?” to anyone who has watched this whole deal go down.   From the first disclosures of Tom Miller’s collection of obscene amounts of campaign cash from the banks to Pam Bondi’s benefactors in the banking community. (Bondi, Bankers BFF)

I do not understand why we permit attorney generals to accept campaign cash at all and have been SCREAMING ABOUT IT here.

Not like you needed any more proof of the sellout but see Neil Barofsky and Eric Schneideman Sells Out

One of two things are going to happen in this country.   Americans are either going to continue to roll over and watch as their paychecks, their children’s paychecks and their grandchildren’s paychecks are turned over to the banks or they are finally going to wake   up and go all wild in the street, Greek style.

I’m betting that eventually, heads will literally roll. There will be chaos and rioting in the streets and that violence and extraordinary suppression will occur.   I think the militarization of our nation’s civilian law enforcement evidences an acknowledgement on the part of our government that this is coming.   I see more and more each day solid American citizens crossing the line into angry rebel patriots who are going to   rebel when pushed too far…..I fear for us all when this happens…

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