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Matt Weidner – Wide Awake News Radio Broadcast 10-18-12

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W.A.N.Radio – Matt Weidner ~

10 /18 /12


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  • Tim Hammond says:

    Hi Matt, I just listened to this interview. The collapse of the US is not an isolated event. Everything that is happening is connected including 9/11, earth changes, collapse of fiat currencies, rise in technology, rise in homosexuality, Arab Spring, famines, wars, diseases, etc. we are the generation to see Israel return and that makes us the last generation before the literal return of Jesus Christ. The world is being prepared for the rise of the antichrist.
    The antichrist will confirm the covenant in Daniel 9:27 officially kicking off the last 7 years. What is not commonly known is the contents of that covenant are Revelation 11:1-2. It is a trade-off. In Rev 11:1 the Jews are given the right to build their temple. In Rev 11:2 the Gentiles are given Jerusalem. These two events are converging as calls for building the temple grow louder as well as calls for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Rev 11:2 says they will only get Jerusalem for 42 months, why? Finish reading Daniel 9:27 and you see the covenant is broken at the midpoint. The covenant is 7 years, which is also 84 months. Half of which is 42. The 42 months in Rev 11:2 is to the day the first half of what is usually known as the Tribulation. This is going to start in the very near future.
    I’m telling you this so that you understand the system we live in will not be fixed, but more importantly so that you and your family have a relationship with Jesus.

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