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LYTTLE v. BANKUNITED- Another Headscratcher of a Gingo Appelate Conundrum

gingoHere goes another spellbinding appeal written by that masterful author George Gingo. You really must sit down and study the attached appellate brief which reads more like a nail biting crime novel than some dry academic appeal.

I mean, seriously. Put yourself in the moment, picture the courtroom, picture the homeowner defendant standing there and just read line after line as the transcript plays out.   Shocking and maddening and just mindblowing….every single line…..






  • frustrated says:

    I am no longer used to reading well written legal documents such as this – what a nice change! When is this set for hearing/trial?

  • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty, Foe of Tyranny says:

    Well written, well expressed, and clearly the right arguments to make.

    Amazing how similar this is/was to the brief I filed in my appeal. These mills are doing the same things, pulling the same stunts, violating the same rules of procedure and evidence, in every judicial state.

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