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  • Anonymous says:

    The bill died today, 04/12/10

    The mere proposal of this bill and the fact that it got as far as it did, simply affirms the affiliation between political and financial bodies – an old fact, to be sure.
    The abject shame and abhorrent horror of those who would write, propose, mirepresent and pass such a bill is endemic in the fabric being woven in this country, wherein our most basic civil liberties are being eroded away, beneath us.
    Let us ALWAYS remember the ideas that compelled the creation of America: freedom for all.

  • Alina says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    Although I share in your exultation at the death of HB 1523, there is still the Senate version – SB 2270. So we may not be out of the woods as of yet.

    What’s amazing about this is that the bill that they are trying to pass is based on the 2002 Uniform Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act. The Act was never adopted by any state even though it was labeled innovative.

    The ones who are attempting to pass these bills in Florida, however, changed the Act by significantly erasing homeowners’ rights.

    Anyway, glad to have won the first round and now onto the second round.

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