A line in the sand has been drawn and now, Florida’s Beaches have been STOLEN.

Line in the Sand – House Bill 631

STOLEN BEACHES – How House Bill 631, also known as the “line in the sand” or “wet sand law” takes the beaches away from THE PEOPLE! When you first watch the shocking videos below, you will probably think it’s some crazy misunderstanding but it’s a reality and the problems are just getting started.

VIDEO: Line in the Sand – House Bill #631

To those that suggest this bill is harmless….tell that to all these property owners who are constructing barriers along the public beaches:

And just watch this video, posted by Florida’s Public Beach Warrior, attorney Dan Uhlfelder:

Dan Uhlfelder is Florida’s Public Beach Warrior…He’s standing up to protect the right of the public to enjoy beaches! Watch this video as he is threatened by Florida Sheriff’s:

See Dan’s Website Here 

I don’t know what’s worse…citizens being attacked by vigilantes…or Law Enforcement showing up and threatening arrest?

Take a look at a series of videos to see how unhinged vigilantes are prowling Florida’s beaches and attacking beachgoers:

Crazed Beach Vigilante

Take a look at how deep these property lines go, and how many hundreds of yards of beach exist to be shared with the general public:

Read the Staff Analysis


Then the federal case behind this (ironically it involves First Amendment Issues)


And, just have a look through the registered lobbyist list to see the real forces behind this awful law. Rich property owners, hiring the most powerful lobbyists in the state for the express purpose of keeping the general public off beaches:

Lobbyist List

And Rick Scott’s Executive Order is absolutely nonsense…it does nothing to protect the public!


And here, watch a town hall session where legislators struggle to come up with reasonable explanations to their constituents.

(Pay particular attention to the 1:20 mark where a developer explains the details behind the development HE created…he powerfully argues that the a key piece of property in this dispute is PUBLIC access!)

Town Hall Meeting

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  • Laura Evans Flihan says:

    Okay so good, when hurricanes Wipe Out the entire Beach the landowners can put the sand back in and fix it instead of the taxpayers.

  • Edsel Henson says:

    I feel really sad for the beautiful beaches in Florida. For them to become private property is wrong in every way imaginable. The once beautiful dunes now belong to some private party and are controlled. This is akin to a private party owning the Grand Canyon.

  • Diane Thomas says:

    I am so disappointed. We vacationed in Destin for over 30 years, planning to buy a condo and move there in retirement or at least be a happy Snowbird. This is the first year we have experienced the greed, rudeness and cruel takeover of our public beaches, whether customarily, or not; whether legal or not; it is wrong and totally disappointing. I’m embarrassed for whoever is responsible. If not rectified, and returned to the former use, I don’t want to live here, I don’t even want to visit here! What will you become when you lose your tourist and that it brings to your area? We will look for a beach that isn’t controlled by bullies!

  • Larry Riby says:

    Just returned from Rving to Grayton Beach State Park and observed this same tactic in Walton County at Seaside and Watercolor. I like Gov Scott but this is bad law and erodes the public Access to Floridas Beaches and needs to be repealed or challenged to the Supreme Court. Made us not want to travel back to Walton County. Perhaps that is what is intended.

  • Adalina Tanner says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it seems misdirected to me. The problem does not reside in the buyer of beachfront property, it fully resides in the government entity that enabled the sale of beachfront property in the first place. There is no “stealing” going on here, rather there is exceedingly poor decision making on the part of some government agency to allow Florida beachfront property to be sold as private property half a century ago. Once sold as private and including a legal deed to the beach, the laws of this country do not easily allow the undoing of this legal protection. If there is going to be any “winning” from the general public, seems to me it will only come from unearthing documentation surrounding the ORIGINAL sale of this private beachfront property in the 60’s and 70’s that indicates customary use as part of that sale. Without it, waking up in 2016 to claim that customary use will suddenly be enforced because growth has overtaken the existing infrastructure is not defensible. Aiming at the buyer of the property is, in my opinion, misdirected. Personal preference does not supplant existing law, and in this case the buyer has done nothing but adhere to existing law. Start challenging the government agency that created this mess by offering the land for sale to individuals. Maybe there is something in that history that will help the cause.

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