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Let’s All Work Together to Defeat Florida’s Very, Very (un)Fair Foreclosure Act of 2012

Are you really, really sick and tired of the banksters and Wall Street Folks slapping you in the face and kicking you in the rear?   Well, if you are not yet, if you’ve been living underneath a rock somewhere, then you really must read this most disturbing piece of legislation that the banksters and the foreclosure fraudsters are going to work like heck to get through.   Read here for analysis. If this bill passes, there will be no more defense of foreclosure in Florida.

The thing that just blows my mind is how insulting and disrespectful this entire piece of legislation is, starting with it’s misleading name.   The Florida Fair Foreclosure Act.   I really want to know who it was that came up with that totally misleading, totally arrogant and offensive title.   It had to be a group of banksters and their lawyers sitting around a table because I can tell you, this bill is only fair to them.   And make no mistake about it, passing this bill will be their #1 priority.

This whole movement to defend consumers really began when a dedicated few attorneys met with consumer advocates from around the state in 2009.   We all converged on Tallahassee and we all made it clear that we would not rest until that bad piece of legislation was dead.   It died in 2009 because it would have defunded our court system.   But this crafty new version will be impossible for a budget crunched legislature to pass up.   The banksters pay a filing fee to the court system, then they get to take your home through a “non judicial sale”.   I could just feel that something like this was brewing and that’s a big part of the reason why I’m running for the Florida House of Representatives and why I’m asking for all of you to join together and run with me!

We can beat some of this back.   We can start to reclaim some of our state. But only if we act together and only if we act quickly.   I am so pleased with the response I’ve already gotten to the request for petitions.   The first couple days they came in one by one, but now I’m so proud to see you good folks going out, printing up the forms and collecting signatures.   This is homegrown, grassroots democracy.   This is you taking back your country.

Thank you so very much and keep up the hard work.   I am already working with other people who are going to support you and who are going to get on ballots all across the state…..just as soon as we collect my magic number of 518, I’ll introduce the other folks and you’ll get to know lots of other good people.

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