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Judge’s Schedule- 300 Foreclosure Case in 3 Days…

judge-foreclosure-casesThe biggest problem facing homeowners today is not having competent counsel to represent them.   Our courts are more than aware of many of the problems and most trial court judges are willing to apply the laws and rules in foreclosure cases fairly and correctly…..but the homeowner must be represented by counsel.

From The Orlando Sentinel:

For three days starting Tuesday, Seminole County Chief Circuit Judge Alan Dickey has scheduled 300 foreclosure cases.

“If everybody shows up, I’ll have about 30 seconds a case,” said the judge, who expressed disappointment with the state Legislature’s decision to end funding for retired judges who were helping deal with a growing backlog.

One day in early October, Dickey processed about 125 foreclosure cases an hour throughout the day, the judge’s assistant said. Many of those, she added, were dismissed or continued.



  • Bill says:

    On November 30th of last year, Citimortgage had a MSJ hearing against me here in Palm Beach County. They filed suit in 2009

    The wife and I can’t afford an attorney, and I’ve been defending it pro se. For the hearing I brought a court reporter and had notes with me and any documents I needed to argue my case. Opposing counsel wasn’t very prepared. I argued CM’s failure to prove standing(No assignment, their affidavit of lost assignment was hearsay) and cited case law where it applied. Judge Lewis dismissed the MSJ without prejudice. She did warn me that the bank’s attorney after they got their act together were likely to beat me the second time around.

    Since then, the bank’s attorney has done nothing. I haven’t been inactive, and almost 30 days have passed sine I filed a motion to strike on the affidavit. CM on the other hand is making me offers of cash if I’d short sell the house. It’s still early to tell, but my win might have scared the poop out of CM and their attorney.

    A pro se can defeat a MSJ in Florida if the Judge is willing to listen and apply plus the homeowner comes prepared.

  • Mary says:

    I have been trying to get to the bottom of “Foreclosure Friday” All is know is that it’s January 20th. I live in Lee County, the 20th Judicial.

    The reason I mention this is I went to court with a friend of mine on December 20th. While there I noticed that one of the Lawyers mentioned to the Judge that he was going to hold a particular case for ‘Foreclosure Friday’, they discussed it briefly and then mentioned the date of January 20th mentioned.

    What bothered me more than anything at all. Was that the Judge who heard all the cases that day, sided with the bank on every single case. EVERY ONE of them. Whether the people were represented by attorneys or Pro Se. It was very disturbing to witness.

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