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Huffington Post reports on the latest Jack Booted Thug, bank burglar story.   With these intrusions, the banks are violating one of America’s key rights….THE RIGHT TO BE SAFE AND SECURE IN ONE’S HOME FROM UNLAWFUL SEARCHES AND SEIZURES:
When it comes to metaphors describing foreclosures, weak economic growth, and — especially — lost American muscle, it’s hard to find a real-life example quite so poignant as that of Aaron Dahrooge of Worcester, Mass.
Dahrooge’s mother, April, died in April of 2011. Soon after, Bank of America hired a contractor to secure her house, which had been in foreclosure proceedings.
Somewhere in the process, writes The Telegram, Dahrooge’s painstakingly-restored 1973 Dodge Challenger — a muscle car that typifies the strength of one man behind the wheel — disappeared from his mother’s garage. He first noticed something was off when he saw the garage had been locked from the outside.
” I thought that was weird,” Mr. Dahrooge said, according to the Telegram. “So I went around to the back to look through the window and saw the car was gone.”
Now several months later, Dahrooge says Bank of America refuses to release critical information that may lead to his car’s recovery. He has reported the car stolen, and though the bank told the Associated Press it is cooperating with investigators, Dahrooge believes BofA is stonewalling.

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  • F Collins says:

    Mr. D needs the assistance and support from everyone who is not a beneficiary of crooked banking. This happened to me while on vacation. Up to date, no foreclosure action, returned home to find door open, notice of “winterization” from bank, wild animals taking up residence, bird’s nest on ceiling fan, droppings like acid on antiques, electric off, ruined/stocked fridg, diamonds, gold, money, coin collection and other valuables GONE! No witness, just notice from bank. Police no help w/bank interaction. Bank refuses to provide contractor’s name. After many failed written attempts, bank wrote I need to subpoena them for any info. Subpoena useless. Banks can out wait and out weigh Mr. D and everyone like him. Corporate America is in charge, they own the law, will be the death of us all. Don’t call your Congressman, he/she is likely in on it, benefiting from the banking Ponzi scheme that brought down global security. Watch INSIDE JOB narrated by Matt Damon Nothing is going to change until YOU do something. PROTEST! Take charge! Pull your money out of the banks, invest only in what you can protect yourself and read this “YES, it is officially time to start freaking out about the global economy”. Research, get off your duff, quit whining, put the white collar criminals out of a job. Do your homework before you vote! If you continue to “stick your head in the sand”, you ALL will only suffer more. Help Mr. D and everyone like him. This problem is not going away, not until you wake up, take action to reverse these crimes, then prepare for things to get worse before they get better. It may take a hundred years. If you have a mortgage, the banks can enter at any time; keep a notepad and flashlight nearby. Good luck Mr. D … I hope you get your car back. In the meantime, others, many more, will continue to lose their entire lives. Time’s a-wasting………!

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