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It’s Not Illegal to yell FIRE! Inside a Crowded Building

The rumors that Attorneys General from across the country are prepared to sign a sweetheart settlement with the banks should have everyone in this country ready to get up in arms…..

You know how everyone says, “you can’t yell FIRE in a crowded building!”   Well, that’s just not true.   You can, and when the building is burning, you absolutely must yell FIRE!   Well, I’ve been screaming FIRE! In courtrooms and anywhere else I could for years now.   FIRE is shorthand for Finance, Investment/Insurance, Real Estate and specifically the idea that we have all been cheated, robbed, stolen from and the entire nation’s economy gutted because of the lies and the fraud and the crimes created by the banksters and other players in the FIRE industry.

The men and women who have been masquerading as leaders, both government and private sector, of this nation for the lost, last decade are either hopelessly inept or entirely corrupt.   Those are the only two options and we’re screwed no matter which one it is.   The economic policies that have been in play through Republican and Democrat administrations, both at the national and state level are policies that a fifth grader would recognize could not sustain this nation or her people.   How did all these smart people not recognize that shipping all our jobs and all our industry and all our innovation offshore was not going to lead first to the crumbling of the foundation of our great nation and then to the ultimate collapse?   How did all these allegedly smart people not recognize that carpet bombing entire nations and maiming and killing hundreds of thousands of men, women, babies and children was not going to endear this nation to the rest of the world?

And yet this is exactly what has happened.   Our nation has been gutted from the inside out. Over the last two decades, our nation’s leadership at every level fell into a corruption so pervasive and all-encompassing that the few principled leaders that did remain might not have even recognized they had been sucked into the vortex.   But they are no less blameless.   Treason does not require specific intent.   The acts alone committed are the finding of guilt.   The evil and corrupt apparatchik that encompasses all aspects and facets of our government today cannot. It will not respect the first and most essential element of our idealized form of government…the right to speak out, to question, to assemble, to petition the evil institution.   And so it lashes out. It attacks, they attack. And they strike out against those who speak out.   The people like me who have been screaming it aloud have been punished, persecuted and attacked.   And the attacks have only just begun.   I was not going to comment anymore on this subject.   I have held back, reserved and restrained for days now, but I cannot in good conscience stay muzzled and bow to the threats.

The word on the street is that the attorney generals from around the country are nearing a settlement with the alleged 50 state bank criminal investigation….remember that?   The attorneys general from across the country that are supposed to represent The People have not even completed any real or substantive investigations yet they are poised to ink a deal that will allow the banks to skate away scott free with the payment of some small fine.   You will recall that recently Florida’s Inspector General/Attorney General took out a hit on June Clarkson, Theresa Edwards, Lisa Epstein and Lynn Syzmoniak, compliments of the Florida Inspector General’s Report on the firing of two attorneys that worked under Bill McCollum.   The significance of this report cannot be understated.   It serves as a dossier of sorts of all that is wrong in this state both with the banks that they are poised to let walk away scott free and with this state’s corrupt political establishment.

The bottom line is the report shows that Florida’s relevant government is completely captive to corporate interests that stand squarely opposed to the people of the State of Florida.   The whislteblowers and the law enforcers that were going after the wrongdoers became the targets of attack by the government that is supposed to protect them and all the people of the State of Florida.   The report itself, all 85 pages of it, doesn’t mention the emails, the communication and the meetings between the Florida Attorney Generals office and the companies who were targets of the investigations. The worst part is the press never followed up, despite the fact that many of the emails and some of the records are there for all the world to see.

And what does the Inspector General/Attorney General report have to do with   FIRE and the multi-state attorney general settlement agreement? Well, in the IG/AG whitewash report, the banks got to the authorities and the victims were four crusaders that fought hard and honorably for all.   If the multi state Attorneys Generals announce a massive whitewash settlement it will be another example of the banksters getting to and corrupting the government that is supposed to be protecting us….but instead of there being four targets that are victims, there will be untold millions of Americans who are victims of a corrupt agreement, a corrupt process, a corrupt and failed government.   And while the AG’s and the banks may sit around chomping cigars and patting themselves on the back for inking a deal, we will all know what such a deal really represents….the total failure and utter breakdown (again) of a system of government that was supposed to protect us all……GOD HELP US ALL.



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