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It Official, According to the GOP, Amerika is Facing a Spiritual Hurricane….Just Like Hurricane Issac

Hurricane Issac has not yet even made landfall and already the GOP standard bearers are giving God credit for the storm…they couldn’t just shut up and not say anything about the hurricane….could they? I mean, after all…why let a perfectly good non-event go UN-exploited.
Just listen to the Grand Wizardess whipping the faithful into a fury with her hurricane inspired diatribe….

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  • John Anderson says:

    Grand Wizardess Bachman starts off the convention with a prayer,
    “Oh Lord, thank you for the hurricane that starts our convention, and our hurricane of righteous repeal and reform of the godless Obama, who is not even a citizen of this, your most holly nation.
    Thank you for the rain, that is like holly urine upon the faces of those who protest against achievement and success, while we are provided by your grace with a roof and air conditioning. Thank you for the Tampa Police Dept who have emptyed a jail, to make room for those who go against your word, and ours.

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