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Is Bankruptcy the Solution to My Foreclosure Crisis?

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When a homeowner is facing foreclosure considering filing for bankruptcy may be the homeowner’s first response to the crisis. While bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can provide many benefits to a homeowner, filing bankruptcy at the mere filing of a foreclosure case is likely not the best response to the problem

An experienced foreclosure defense attorney can likely provide the consumer with a substantial amount of relief from the foreclosure case and may be able to assist the homeowner in obtaining a mortgage modification.   The legitimate threat that the homeowner will be forced to file bankruptcy if the lender pushes the foreclosure case if oftentimes enough to convince the lender to consider mortgage modification options they would not otherwise be willing to consider.

Because bankruptcy is a highly specialized and evolving field, I work closely with the attorneys at the Berkowitz Law Group counseling my clients in conjuction with their attorneys and preparing them for a proper bankruptcy filing if this becomes necessary.   I encourage those interested in bankruptcy to visit the Berkowitz Law Group Website at for more information.

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