At WeidnerLaw, we’re serious about pursuing online defamation and false online review cases. We¬† work with technology specialists to directly address defamatory statements, but our real work involves filing lawsuits to have statements which are defamation permanently removed.

Anonymous Reviews- You Must Act Quickly To Have Them Removed!

There are several important things that you must keep in mind when considering bringing a lawsuit for slander or defamation or slander and chief among these things is the fact that oftentimes, the internet sites upon which defamatory statements appear will scrub or anonymize the postings of their customers on a regular basis oftentimes at least every year. The is important and the main reason you must act quickly to fix your internet reputation.

Statute of Limitations- You Must Act Quickly To Preserve Your Rights!

It is critically important for the victims of untrue online reviews to understand that if you do not act quickly to address defamation, you may forever lose your right to take action against those reviews that are damaging your internet reputation. In some cases, the statue of limitations can be as short as one year, so you must consult an attorney immediately!


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