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I’m So Sick of These Scam Charities Calling Me….Video

By January 8, 2016No Comments

There has got to be a special place in hellĀ  for these scam charity organizations….it shouldn’t be called’s just straight up scam.

Sucking down money from people under the auspices of “charity” is just disgusting.

At WeidnerLaw, we’re going after these scam charity and fundraising organizations…and I urge all consumers to do the same.

The scam operates out of Murray, Utah and the scam behind it is “Corporations for Character”

More on an FTC lawsuit here:

The complaint, which seeks civil penalties and disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, names as defendants Feature Films for Families Inc., Corporations for Character LC, Family Films of Utah Inc. and Forrest Sandusky Baker III, individually and as an owner and principal of Feature Films for Families Inc., Corporations for Character LC and Family Films of Utah Inc.

and here

If you’re ever scammed…let WeidnerLaw sue these scam artists….

Read the report from Tampa Times:

“We know it’s a bad time right now with the economy and all,” she told a South Carolina resident during a call recorded last year. “But the folks we’re helping are fighting cancer and they’re in need and they’re struggling.”

Over the past several years, Amanda has called millions of people and helped generate millions of dollars in donations, never once asking for so much as a bathroom break.

“Amanda Thomas” and “Jeff Stewart,” her male counterpart, are the latest advancement in charity telemarketing.

But they aren’t real people.

They are computer-generated pitchmen designed to seem lifelike on the phone without the messiness of actual humans talking.

Call center workers no longer have to say a word. Instead, they monitor up to three calls at once and tap on separate computer keyboards to choose a pre-recorded response.


It’s not enough that government organizations like the Federal Trade Commission go after these people…we need more lawsuits and private enforcement!

See these videos here:




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