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I’m a Foreclosure Defense Attorney…..

Matt-weidner-law1-xsmFor years, being a foreclosure defense attorney was a relatively simple affair.   Foreclosure meant helping the homeowner through a rough patch then they’d be back on their feet and along their way.   A few years ago, that started to change.   Things got worse for my clients and solutions were harder to come by.

Over the last two years in particular I noticed that things became much, much worse for my clients and their families…..and the banks offered no help or assistance.   Right about that same time a few pioneering attorneys began to dig deep into foreclosures and the whole process and in doing so they began to expose major, systemic flaws that permeated the entire mortgage lending and foreclosure process.   As we dug deeper and deeper into the whole foreclosure morass   we’ve uncovered problems at virtually every step in the process.

The questions of the not so distant past have led us all into a full blown examination of our entire system of government….from the regulators and legislative, straight up to the executive branch and their failed bailout programs.   Today the foreclosure fight is a full blown battle to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.   We’re fighting to ensure Due Process under the 14th Amendment, protecting against unreasonable seizures recognized in the 4th Amendment and fighting to ensure that our press and members of the public are able to speak freely, challenge their government and seek redress of the injustices being visited upon them, a right protected by the 1st Amendment.

This fight has exposed the very best qualities in some of the best lawyers in this country.   It has brought together neighbors, communities and people from every walk of.   The ethical, principled and dedicated attorneys who live and breathe this fight will tell you that serving their clients and fighting this fight is the high point of their careers…it certainly has been mine.

I’m going to keep fighting…for you.   For the Constitution. For all of us.   It’s what I do….I’m a foreclosure defense attorney.   I’m honored to serve all of you and thank you for all your support and encouragement….we’re in this together.


  • litgant says:

    Mr. Weidner I do not know any of your clients. But I believe I can speak for them. You Sir are a hope in the midst of a storm. You are like a skilled captain taking your clients through very difficult waters. Indeed many are fearful and afraid. But your manner of professionalism and the way you stand up for your clients in the public shows your character. One thing not stamped on your forehead is RLFH (robo lawyer for hire). I do believe what you are fighting here is for constitutional property rights. You are not trying to slow down the rocket-docket by these robo-judges. You are not using up court resources with motions and challenges of standing and capacity. You are doing what your clients hired you to do. To defend them. If you did not do what you are doing, you would not be giving your clients the full duty of fiduciary. The chief judges of the circuits may not appreciate this because they want these dockets cleared and help get these millions of homes on the REO lists (which are not selling). Mr. Weidner if you were any less of a a man, less that an outspoken critic of a flawed court system, I believe your clients would all flee. But thanks be to your devotion to the rule of law, and the great defenses you are raising, they can sleep better tonight. Win or lose, they know if they are foreclosed it will be no fault of yours. These will remember the fraud by banks, attorneys, notaries, process servers, and judges. I will continue to say it: you are a great American.

  • eric weiner says:

    need foreclosure defense….won’t qualify for modification….refinance…need someone to look over mortgage for inconsistencies…buy us more time in this house…

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