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If you want to be really, really ANGRY- read emails from WALL STREET FAT CAT BANKERS gloating on all the money they’re making on their mortgage mess….

It just makes me insane that our local circuit court judges feel so damn compelled to throw their neighbors out of their homes sometimes treating them disrespectfully, beating them up for “living for free” and sometimes just straight up abusing them… this entry that was recently posted:

I am a victim of the fraud in Court and presently suffering for the way the foreclosure procedure has been conducted in our case which is horror and extremely painful.   No one cares. .
I am 65 years of age.   Since 2008   I have been fighting this foreclosure with my husband, but unfortunately our house was sold on April 8th, 2010.   The Judge deffinitely refused to accept that FDLG was lying as well as JPMChase.   The Judge’s only concern was that we were living rent free, despite the fact that there is not a single piece of evidence in the complaint.   The Judge didn’t care about missing assignments, etc.   He didn’t care that I qualified for a Reverse Mortgage due to my age and equity in the house.   The Judge didn’t care that my husband is a veteran with a delicate heart condition, two heart attacks and two heart surgeries, diabetic and mental treatment.   The Judge didn’t care that Bank declined all our offers of payment in full, and he didn’t care that we lost the car and filed Chapter 7 discharged on Dec. 2008.

The judge humilliated me in front of other people during our last hearing indicating that he was not going to tolerate anymore that I keep living free and taking advantage of the Bank losses.

I get these all the time and it just makes me sick.


I ask again, why are our local, elected circuit court judges so unwilling to accept the horrible inequities involved when those who committed fraud in creating these products, committed fraud when they sold and traded them to one another and traded with our retirement and investment dollars, committed fraud when they sold this garbage to our allies abroad and just totally, directly, knowingly violated all norms of integrity and fair dealing


I want you people to get out there and contact your local court reporters….I know you don’t have money, but get court reporters in these hearings so that they can record when a helpless homeowner is being abused.

Contact every person that is in foreclosure and encourage them to defend their foreclosure.

Take it as a public service to find people that are in foreclosure and make them informed pro se defendants.

Object to everything you can permissibly object to and get it all on record.

There are too many people that just give up and walk away.


Don’t let this continue to happen.   If you’re unemployed, don’t sit at home…go to your courthouse and sit in the foreclosure chambers… what is happening.   Courts are open to the public, even when they are held in judge’s chambers.   They cannot exclude members of the public from going into courtrooms.   Help that poor people who are getting so abused here.





  • Jennifer says:

    That’s terrible!!! Oh well, he gets to answer to God for that….won’t be pretty. And if that Judge is reading your blog….let me just blow his “living free” theory right out of the water. In our foreclosure, the bank refused payment. We tried to pay and were refused! Then, we were foreclosed on, paid 2500 to pull out of foreclosure and promised a loan mod…payments were higher than the original payments in the loan mod???? Now, people are paying the wrong service because MERS has it so screwed up for everybody, and the Judge wants to talk about how wrong the people are for “living free”? Hey, Judge ….one wrong isn’t greater than the other….
    Must be nice to get your paycheck every other Friday and have your security all mapped out and all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed….from experience, when you put that form of “security” before God and his ways…it’s just a matter of time before He rips that carpet right out from under you….then whatcha gonna do?
    Sorry, but you got me fired up on that one Matt…

  • M.R. says:


    Deference to the judgments and rulings of courts depends upon public confidence in the integrity and independence of judges. The integrity and independence of judges depend in turn upon their acting without fear or favor. Although judges should be independent, they must comply with the law, including the provisions of this Code. Public confidence in the impartiality of the judiciary is maintained by the adherence of each judge to this responsibility. Conversely, violation of this Code diminishes public confidence in the judiciary and thereby does injury to the system of government under law.

    Canon 1 – A Judge Shall Uphold the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary

    Canon 2 – A Judge Shall Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all of the Judge’s Activities

    Canon 3 – A Judge Shall Perform the Duties of Judicial Office Impartially and Diligently

    Canon 4 – A Judge May Engage in Activities to Improve the Law, the Legal System and the Administration of Justice

    Canon 5 – A Judge Shall Regulate Extrajudicial Activities to Minimize the Risk of Conflict With Judicial Duties

    Canon 6 – Fiscal Matters of a Judge Shall be Conducted in a Manner that does not Give the Appearance of Influence or Impropriety; etc.

    Canon 7 – A Judge or Candidate for Judicial Office Shall Refrain from Inappropriate Political Activity

    Mail your judicial complaint to:
    Attention: Ms. Brooke Kennerly
    Executive Director
    Judicial Qualifications Commission
    Room 102, Historic Capitol Building
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-6000


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