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“I think I found a white elephant, flying pig and unicorn all at once”

That’s a quote found in the story at the bottom of this email. Those words are real, direct, exact quotes, and they make every single taxpayer a fool.   My question is…why isn’t this F**CKER IN JAIL?

Congratulations American taxpayer, you are going to work every single day of your lives, for the rest of your lives to pay the debts of Wall Street brokers who are engaging in gross and systemic fraud and abuse.   That nifty quote above, that comes from a bankster that is calling us all out…calling us all very stupid.

Regarding the deals that you are now paying for, another exec wrote…

“Boy,that timeberwof [sic] was one shitty deal.”

Timberwolfe is one shitty deal that you are now paying for.   Think about it.   These banksters are all living phat…and you’re paying for it.   When you go to work an 40 hour week (if you can even get a 40 hour week anymore), a big part of your paycheck is going to pay off the Wall Street Banksters….they stole, cheated and lied, and you’re paying….read more….



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  • rictic says:

    “why isn’t this F**CKER IN JAIL?”
    It is simple really, he and his ilk, the ruling elite, own the CONgress critters, the Judicial branch and the Exec. The trouble is “We The People” by our inaction sanction it. We need a lot more people to get VERY, VERY ANGRY.. Until then nothing will happen to these evil, thieving F**CKERS.

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