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I have murdered an astonishing amount of innocent people…..

Don’t shy away from that picture. Do not avert your eyes.   That is a picture of a baby that has been burned to a crisp.   Look at the remains of his legs hanging down……

As an American citizen, I’m personally responsible for the horrifying atrocities that my nation is carrying out in my name.
I am just as guilty for the killing of innocent women, children and babies as if I dropped the burning sulfur directly on their skin or if I exploded the ordinance that killed the children.

As reported in the New York Times last week, a significant number of innocent Afghans continue to be killed by US and NATO forces despite new rules issued by Gen. Stanley McChrystal meant to help reduce civilian casualties. Indeed, the number of Afghans who have been killed or hurt by troop shootings at convoys and military checkpoints has basically remained the same since McChrystal announced his directives.


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