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I Beat The Hell Out of Another Client Yesterday….It Was (another) One of Those Bloody, Nasty Messes…

So, contrary to what most folks think, it’s not all fun and games in my office.   I mean sure, most of my clients come riding up in shiny brand new cars, dressed in designer clothes, freshly tanned from their latest exotic vacation.   You know who they are, those Americans who have such a great life because, ” They’re not making their mortgage payment, are they?”   Yeah, sure there are all those big fish but every once in a blue moon, I get a ” normal” everyday Amerian family whose incomes dropped because their jobs were shipped away or a spouse or a kid got sick or died or something”¦you know this type too, you know, the whiners and complainers.   Those people that are dragging this country down with all their inability to find jobs and that cancer and death and divorce and other excuses”¦.and yeah, I know what you’re thinking, ” Get a job!”   and quit whining about that cancer and all.
But the clients that really bother me these days are those old school cats, you know the grandpartently types that come in playing that whole senior citizen sympathy game.   I had another one of them in today and I just lost it”¦all over his Greatest Generation arse.   Apparently he and his wife had been married for I don’t know, like 60 years or something.   I picked up on that when grandmom sitting there with her white hair and knitted shirt started distracting me with how she worked so hard when he shipped out to fight the Germans”¦blah, blah, blah.   Yeah, and he was all tattooed up, but you know not cool tats or anything, these things were just like these bled out blobs on his forearms, something about U boats or whatever, and he’s rattling on about storming some beach or something and It’s like, just get to the point already.
First he started with this whole monologue about how he went off to fight, convinced as he was that he was fighting for some larger good or higher purpose.   He talked about his friends that he watched get blown up or bled out to pieces but all the guys that made it home rationalized all the blood because they were, you know, fighting for some higher purpose”¦.right again, blah, blah, blah.
So after I endured all this nonsense, grandmom finally pulls out these file folders and papers that she had catalogued in perfect order and began spreading them all over my desk. She apparently had worked In a law office for like decades so when they started getting in trouble with their mortgage, she kept all the documents, all the records, notes of phone calls, cancelled checks..the whole bit in perfect order.
All her records and their whole miserable story told the same story I’ve heard literally thousands of times now.   He lost his job, she got sick, the bank told them not to pay their mortgage, that they would work   them, get it modified, you know, the whole drill.   So they made their three payments, four payments, six”¦they in fact just kept on making their payments”¦.because that’s what the bank told them to do.
What they didn’t know was that the bank had long ago filed a foreclosure on them”¦.
Now apparently they didn’t know about the foreclosure at first because, according to the process server’s affidavit of diligent search and inquiry, they avoided the process server’s attempts to serve them.   Now grandmom asserted that because of his various conditions, they rarely left the house””except to go to church on Sunday, but you know, whatever, the affidavit says they were avoiding service so they were served via a small notice in an obscure newspaper that no one has ever read.   Grandmom and Granddad both looked up at me and pleaded, ” But we didn’t avoid anything, that affidavit is a lie!” Yeah, yeah, I know”¦really I do, I’ve seen it time after time.   In fact Florida’s very own television Attorney General (theoretically at least) still has open investigations in to the improper practices of these guys.   So they both looked at me with those sad pleading eyes, and said, ” Well surely then, the Attorney General   will do something and the judge will believe us and give us a chance to defend our case!”   I explained to them, slowly at first, that no one gives a damn about them.   And then I explained to them that Florida’s Attorney General investigations were going nowhere, slowly.   They both kind of stuttered and sputtered whining again about the fact that surely someone would care about lies and wrongdoing.
Next we turned to all their paperwork.   It was clear that there were major errors all over their pages after pages of legal confetti.   Forget about robo signing, apparently when the foreclosure mill attorneys realized they had defaulted defendants, they just ignored even the barest legal requirements.   No assignment of mortgage, no endorsement, no good affidavits”¦.all the wrong pieces were there.   The old man’s eyes lit up, ” So it’s all wrong, surely the judge see that it’s wrong and let us keep our home!”   He had such hopeful and enthusiastic eyes”¦.childlike in their naivety”¦..he apparently harbored dangerous delusions about what our nation’s legal system had become.   And then grandma chimed in, ” And we were making all the modifications they told us to, this is all just a horrible mistake after all. The judge will make this right, he must!”   She suffered from the same delusions about our legal system as her husband.
I tried explaining to them over and over again that no one cared about their hopeless story”¦.but they refused to listen”¦.they kept staring back at me with those pleading, grand parent eyes, ” but you’re a lawyer and the judges have to listen” They pleaded.   ” We live in a nation of laws and the judges have to stand up for us and do what’s right.” More with their hopeless delusions.   ” But you can see right here all the lies and the fraud and the errors in the bank’s paperwork.” Yeah, I’ve seen it all every single day for years now”¦.why is this case any different?
This went on and on, both of them explaining to me what they thought they knew about our nation and our nation’s court system and our nation’s laws and justice and The Truth and all of that.   I tried explaining to them about campaign contributions and corruption and the undeniable fact that absolute evil really does exist in this world. ” But our nation’s courts, our judges, our law”¦” Granddad preached back to me. He just wouldn’t get it. So then grandmom laid into me, ” But you said it yourself Mr. Weidner, their papers are all wrong, their fraud and all those investigations!” Right, I reminded her, but you’re forgetting about the campaign contributions. ” And we were making our trial payments just like they told us to.” I know you were but, hey you know, mistakes happen.
” So you’re telling us with all of this there’s nothing you can do?” Let me make this very clear, ” No, there’s nothing I can do”¦.you lose, get out of the home.   The bank wants you out so it can add another vacant and abandoned home to its growing inventory.”
” But Mr. Weidner, this is all so unfair”¦.this shouldn’t be happening in this nation”¦.this nation that I fought for”¦.this nation that I watched my friends get blown to pieces for”¦.this nation that me and my wife raised our children up to love and respect.   And our courts, our judges, our laws. Surely they can be used to stop all this wrongdoing and evil”¦you’re a lawyer after all, you know the law, you can do something.”
I tried once again to explain it to both of them, how campaign contributions and the overwhelming power of the corporate state had corrupted everything.   But they just refused to get it and kept staring back at me with two sets of grandparent eyes.
Granddad wasn’t done left and summoned up some new resolve, he started quoting some old phrase that he thought would have some impact one me,
” One Nation, Under God, With Liberty And Justice For All”
He said.   Like that was supposed to mean something to me.   Whatever that phrase was and whatever he thought it meant, he didn’t get that it was just a clever advertising slogan that some ad executive dreamt up to cell cereal or cigarettes or something.   He tried to explain to me that it wasn’t an advertising slogan, but that it had something to do with our nation’s laws and government”¦.but this whole experience was really starting to annoy and infuriate me.   What with all their whining and preaching and pleading and all.   So then he repeated it again”¦..

” One Nation, Under God, With Liberty And Justice For All”

With grand mom sitting right there egging him on.   Listen grandparental folks, I explained”¦.go find a nice bridge somewhere, and start adjusting to your new life”¦..

” One Nation, Under God, With Liberty And Justice For All”

He repeated it again and added on few personal slurs and attacks at me, ” You’re a lawyer, you know what to do in a courtroom, please fight for us.”   These intensely personal attacks really started to get at me.

” One Nation, Under God, With Liberty And Justice For All”

We can appeal and make someone listen”¦.on and on with this one”¦he just wouldn’t stop.   And when he went back into the whole, ” But you’re a lawyer” thing, I just lost it”¦I realized he was not going to break out of his delusional state on his own and I didn’t want to talk down to him or disrespect him in front of his wife, so I just started pounding on him”¦.just beating the living daylights out of him.   He quickly turned into a groveling, bloody mess”¦his wife pulling out a handkerchief and trying her best to wipe off the blood.   He rolled down onto the ground and I delivered a few good kicks just to drive home the point a little further.
There’s your Justice for All.   There’s your big fat chunk of the American experience old timer.   Now quit with all your whining, pick your beaten and bloody self off my floor and get out of here”¦.


  • HYDROGENE says:


  • Sheryl Sutter says:

    Boy…you really are an ass!

  • NotApplicable says:

    Mr. Weidner,
    There is a plan already in place to deal with these types of people.
    Follow the bouncing ball…
    Have a great day and watch your back!

  • P Nachman says:

    Wow! Your frustration is really showing in this piece!
    You may not realize this but people like you have inspired me and many others – including many lawyers! I know several…
    Remember, you can only do what you can do. You’re only one person and there are just so many hours in the day, etc. You have to watch out for your health and well-being because without people like you who will hold up the lantern to light our way in the darkness. Remember also that one person CAN change the world. Aim for that and you might just change Florida!
    You lose only when you give up – so don’t give up!

  • dlennon says:

    Dear Sir Matthew, I shall always see you as a Saint – but even Saints need a vacation, truly you need a break. The world needs you, as do all your loved ones – refresh, young man.
    Take Care, and God Bless! D

  • Lucia says:

    You probably saved him from having to beat his own head against the wall when he realizes that there is no justice in this system of things, and that the authors of this chaos are from their father the Devil.

  • My sincerest apologies Mr. Weidner…I stand corrected…I just must say that this was a shock of an article to someone who has been put through the mortgage fraud mill. You have your supporters, and hopefully after I read some of your other articles I will be a supporter as well…talk about getting someones attention…my hats off to you for that.

    • Sharon says:

      I have to say Sheryl that even if this did happen it still wouldn’t wake up the American people that believe our government is working for them. Democrat or Republican it doesn’t matter and as soon as at least 80% of us are on the same page there will be no “hope or change” . “Yes we can” means you have to work at waking up the American people out of their stupor before we lose everything. Take care.

  • Tien Pham Mckinnon says:

    I am Vietnamese and because my langue berry,and I am in California so with my Broken Langue s I see Bank want to sale my house so I file the Lawsuit against the Bank 8 days before the sale date, and I had the same problem in court and what ever document I filed to sue the Bank, the Judge do not listen and all way Granting to the Bank, and dismiss my case, but bank did sale my house yet because I was also sue the law firm and the Counsel representing to the Bank. it is very sad that the judge is so unfair how could we get rid of those bad Judges, My Next door Neighbor she want to walk away and I told her please repair the paper and go to the Court and fight for your right she said to much work, so she maybe let the house go she want to live in the house as long as the Bank let she live there, please any one stood up do not let the bank took your house with out fighting.

    • chitown2020 says:

      So sorry to hear of your struggles Tien. Bravo to you for standing up to the corruption! Way to many Americans do not even show up for court or question anything. They just let the crooks get away with stealing their homes. My dad told me something that I did not know recently. Most judges are appointed, not elected. We need to all work together to change that. I hope that you win and get clear title to your home. No one should lose their homes and businesses because of what these crooks did.

  • Wayne Casa Grande AZ says:

    God save your majesty!
    I thank you, good people””there shall be no money; all shall eat
    and drink on my score, and I will apparel them all in one livery,
    that they may agree like brothers, and worship me their lord.
    The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
    Nay, that I mean to do.
    Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2, 71″“78
    Enough said …Right!

  • chitown2020 says:

    Money…it’s a crime…as the Pink Floyd song goes…. Now we need a song about how pretend money lending and credit is a crime..My husband and I were leaving court, the hornets nest, a few weeks ago and boarded the elevator at the Daley Center, downtown Chicago. On the way down from the 28th floor, we couldn’t help overhearing a discussion between an elderly man and an attorney. It was sad to see the elderly man was so desperate to save his home and so uninformed he was completely at the mercy of the corrupt system. We heard the elderly man ask if the attorney thought the bank would work with him? The attorney shrugged his shoulders and in a half disgusted tone replied, I don’t know. The elderly man looked dismayed. My guts wrenched for him. On the way off of the elevator my husband told the elderly man….Ask them for the note and I added, and the chain of title. We sure hope he gets to stay in his home. Yes Matt, I agree that there is real evil in this world and pschopathic control freaks are running it and controlling it with secrets, lies, deception and other peoples money. In reality they are a cabal of fraudsters who rely on fictions that they have made us believe.

  • Robert Sublett says:

    I get it, Matt. Thank you. Thank you for caring, which is more than most attorneys out there. The standard lawyer calculus is that it is all too bad, but they might as well make some money off this national tragedy. (It’s no use for them to fall into the abyss too.)
    “…campaign contributions and the overwhelming power of the corporate state…” is a good summary of the bigger problem. Our elected representatives are ALL bought.
    Today, this is nor our father’s America. The Big Banks are in charge and there will be no recovery worth noting until this changes.

  • David Fee says:

    We need more people like Matt , I have been involved in matter with Washington Mutual on (5) five pay opp arm loans , the morg. Broker with Wa. Mu. Said he would open escrow every 11 months then at the one year of the loan he would keep me at the teaser rate on all loan , then in 2008 congress outlawed the loans .
    This is just one of 60 violations from RESPA, TILIA , reg Z .
    I will continue to fight the big banks , robo signed docs , lost note issues , modification dept . ( paper shuffle to no end ) ! I must of called 1000 times back in 2008 and was placed in a so called mod at 1% for 2 yrs. then 3 % for one year then I thought 5 % for life of the loan , one of three loan mods issued by Wa Wu at the time turned out to have in fine print a new maturity date of 2012 , now how did they think I could qualify ?
    To me it was #61 violation and counting I can go on and on . My point is Matt is wright we need to stand up for are rights and not let the banks take over the courts like they already have ! Fight back now ! Get out there !

  • James says:

    Your sarcasm is scary but I get the point.. I country is being bought and sold by the banks. I am wondering why we haven’t stormed them as of yet. I guess we are too civil for that.


    If the first amendment doesn’t work, then move on to number 2.
    Get a gun and shoot and kill an intruder, including a corrupt sheriff with a writ from a corrupt judge.
    Start a new trend called 1776 all over again.
    Deja Vu

  • Sharon says:

    Wow, way to make a point Matt. Seriously I get very frustrated too with the stupidity of the American people that believe our country will protect them. Nothing can be further from the truth. I knew all this 20 years ago and watched as each and every corporatist Supreme Court Justice was put in office. I am so discouraged at people that don’t get it. Where do we go from here?

    • Cheryl says:

      If you haven’t already, go get a gun(s) and learn how to use it because the commies are coming for all of us. This lawyer is surely targeted for one of their ‘re-education’ camps to be eliminated. These lawyers can’t do a thing to protect us and should begin preparing for civil war. Promptly!

  • chitown2020 says:

    The destruction of our economy by them will in turn destroy them.

  • John Anderson says:

    Most lawyers would have just looked at their case, and pointed out the missing legal requirements,no assignment of mortgage, no endorsement, no good affidavits, and told them you need $10,000.00 to get started.
    They may have been able to sell all their unneeded items, such as wedding rings, vehicles,IRAs and or borrow from their kids or friends.
    Then you could have explained the judicial and legislative anarchy we are living under,and then and only when you know you can not collect any more from your client, do you deliver the pounding that grandpaw WW2, and Korea and Vietnam vets deserve, and send them on their way.
    I don’t see how you have controlled yourself as long as you have.

  • Cheryl says:

    It’s called communism. Communists have taken over our country and are about to initiate hell on earth with a civil war.

    • phil says:

      Dear Cheryl: In communist nations, there is a class of party leaders who own most of the nice things in life like summer homes, cars etc and the rest are left to eat bean and drink Vodka to forget their sorrows.
      What we have in the US is a party of Fascism.
      If you examine the Economic plan of the Third Reich (forget the Jewish issue for now) it was to reduce corporate taxes to 17% percent, outlaw by criminal statute all trade unions, all strikes were a criminal act, big increase in military spending, use of imported labor and in many cases slave labor and perpetual war. Sounds like Mitt Romney you say?

  • Robert says:

    A couple of people you may know worthy of the people’s support and ear.
    1. Former Mayor Rocky Anderson left the Democratic Party earlier this year, and now he’s launching a new political party”¦Anderson says he will reach out through social media with an agenda he believes the American people support. That agenda includes: Tax the rich and corporations; end the wars, bring troops home, and cut military spending; strengthen Social Security and Medicare; end corporate welfare and get money out of politics; transition to a clean energy economy, raise wages, create jobs and protect worker rights.
    2. Lawrence Lessig explores the corrupting influence of campaign funding on Congress.—lawrence-lessig-extended-interview-pt–1

  • Ian says:

    Great piece, Matt-
    Although I unsubscribed from your 2x daily emails (my wife thinks I am a conspiracy theorist), I still check your postings every day.
    I have written exhaustively about the use of the term ‘bank’, when it would appear that most of the foreclosing entities are, at best, nonbank banks. The servicers’ ledgers would show, instantly, that they have bought the false, illegal collection rights to false default debt, and they have 100% of the borrowers’ monthly payment applied to the asset side of the ledger. They are buying 200k mortgages for 2% ($4000.00), if that, and collecting, at 12-14% interest, on a 200k loan, plus any illegal fees which they can foist on the homeowner, bankruptcy court judges, etc. And all the while claiming that the mortgage is owned by XYZ Trust, with Wells Fargo, US Bank,Bank of New York Mellon etc. as trustee for the MBS/RMBS. What a bunch of cowardly,subhuman imbeciles.

  • phil says:

    When Mitt Rommel gets elected he will suggest the Governors use State Police to eject homeowners who’s homes have been foreclosed on. Think I am joking? I am not.

  • Americanbankster says:

    We get the picture. System is broken and will stay broken. Their is no legal defenses and only the time lag of the legal system working hard to kick us into the street. Banks are shills for the corrupt system and all damage to the people swept under the rug. How do you go to work everyday Matt knowing that your efforts are …….worthless. Foreclosure defense law firms are all one big joke.

  • Teri Monsees says:

    ! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.

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