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How much paperwork did the banksters have to fill out to get their $2 trillion bailout?

That blog post came directly from a reader…I loved the question, so I used it and I post the rest of the comment below.   This post reflects a growing sentiment of anger and mistrust based on what is continuing to occur in this country.   The numbers and comparisons are so stark as to be obscene…bajillions for the banks and nothing at all for the American people.   Our once great country is backed into a very tight corner and we are running tighter everyday.

Some wonder, “Was this all some great plan by the banks?”   I think the banks are just doing what is in their own self interests….when Henry Paulson wrote them a $750 billion check there were no strings whatsoever attached….so should we expect they would do?   Look out for consumers and for the American people who wrote the check?   Well, that’s just foolish and stupid.   And keep in mind that this is not a party issue….the check was written under Bush’s watch and cashed under Obama’s watch.   The banks own both parties and they’re having their way with the American people…..

How much paperwork did the banksters have to fill out to get their $2 trillion bailout?

These are corrupt theives that are using the fake bankruptcy of the United States since 1933 to steal the wealth of America through their fiat fake money debt system that has robbed us blind. Where are the LAWYERS? There is NO LAW in this country anymore, only Attorneys- who are the bill collectors for the banksters. Until we bring back Constitutional Law, we will have no just ice. For now, it’s just us! I think we need to sue the Federal Government for our loses, as THEY were the ones that gave the banksters OUR money, so they could turn around and steal our homes. They put up NO money to ” lend” as they are only issuing credit, through the BK of the US. They only ” lent” their ” services”. The contracts are deceptive.

Ask for the fiduciary tax return to see how they reported the ” loan”. The transaction was actually an exchange. We credited the bank with a deposit in the form of the promissory note, and they credited us back in the form of credit, which got deposited in another bank as another deposit. And all of these deposits are credits to the banking system. They hold 10% in reserves and the rest gets deposited in the ” pot” that gets to be magnified 9 times over. It’s actually a ponzi scheme and the end of the line has already come and gone. The system has to collapse and we need to start over by forgiving everyones debt as there is not enough money in the world to cover the total derivitives bubble. Get ready.


  • dormanmom says:

    Wow, finally a fighter that actually REALLY gets it. They NEVER loaned a dime. It’s all a slight of hand. I mentioned this to the counsel for the banksters and they replied, “we’ll trying winning with that one in court, I can see our conversation here is finished” Funny thing is I did win, NEVER-NEVER-NEVER admit they “LOANED” money, it’s not even real constitutional money but that is a whole other discussion.
    Even the rocket dockets run on this premise, a pro se walks up to the bench and the judge asks three questions 1) did you borrow money, 2) when was the last time you made a payment, 3) you do know I have no choice but to order foreclosure? and its over…….

  • tommyg524 says:

    We lost the moment the elitist created the fed reserve. From that point on, 20 years later america was broke. The banks had it all figured outin advance. Fast forwarded this fiat system of credit based on debt has got us: Corporations opening ops overseas, a closed down auto manufacturer market, -0- heavy industry any more in the u.s., are we all to become cashiers? Are we all to work at facebook? Both of these are nothingness companies based on consumerism and sharing of info,of which used to be done face to face. We are so stupid, just dumb. Elitism happens with BOTH parties,the banks make profits on both sides of every war, and the banks tell the president which wars to enter into,based on the banks profits.

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