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How Many Babies is Matt Weidner Paying For?

I had better keep working because I’ve got a lot of hungry mouths to feed.   Apparently, I’m paying for half of all the babies that are born in Florida…..but I’m not alone, so are you.   We’re also paying for 2/3rds of all nursing home care… total, health care for 3.2 million Floridians or 15 percent of the population.

It’s really just mind-boggling to think of all the money that is being used to pay for benefits and support at all levels.   Local, State, Federal.   How can this possibly last?   With more and more people out of work and more and more people taking benefits while at the same time there are fewer people working and those that are are making less than ever before.   How can this possibly last?

But I’m not some Tea Bagger or right winger complaining about all the less fortunate.   I have even more scorn and contempt for the businesses and corporations that have sucked the life blood out of our state and national economy, who’ve gutted the middle class job base and who have have exploited their powerful positions in state and national legislatures to extract benefits and handouts that make benefits for the poor pale in comparison.

I’m an equal opportunity hater.   I’m have a simple grasp of math and economics and I just cannot see how this country and this state can survive given the simple math and insurmountable numbers that I read every day.   I want someone to explain to me how we’re going to fund all the local, state and federal programs that are currently on the books or how we’re going to make even minor reductions to the programs when many people are already living very close to the edge.   And at the same time that people are living close to the edge, they are even more aware than ever that all the people and corporations at the top of the pyramid are corrupt and thieving and coldly evil than ever before.

Florida’s legislative session will be more vicious than ever before…cutting $4bilion dollars from our state’s budget is going to be gut wrenching.   The governor that you people elected is going to prove more divisive and destructive than any governor our state has ever seen.   It’s significant to note that he was elected with probably the lowest percentage of votes in this state’s history because of the three way vote split in the gubernatorial race.

The budget cuts are going to be deep and painful.   Cuts to law enforcement, cuts to basic services, cuts to our court system.   We need those cuts, both from a practical economic standpoint and perhaps from a larger societal standpoint….but it’s gonna be ugly.   I am particularly concerned about the cuts in funding to our court system which is already not funded sufficiently to provide the protections demanded by the Florida Constitution.   Think things are bad now?   Just wait until they start cutting even more of the bare bones funding that our judges rely on…..

Have a read of the following information from a wire report:

Just look at the Medicaid health care program, which could account for $22 billion in spending in the coming budget year.

It’s the most expensive program in the state budget right now and funds more than 80,000 providers, from large hospitals to podiatrists. It’s on pace to cover more than 3.2 million poor, elderly and disabled Floridians ““ 15 percent of the population, including more than a quarter of all children, half of all births and almost two-thirds of nursing-home care.

” Everyone in this state should care about Medicaid,” said Rep. Matt Hudson, a Naples Republican who chairs the House health care budget committee. ” It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Medicaid system or not. About 28 cents of every dollar we spend up here is on Medicaid, and chances are that means the system is taking money or affecting other programs that you do care about.”

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